Smulowitz for Senate!

(Tomorrow is election day! Don't forget to vote. To volunteer for the campaign's GOTV tomorrow, click here. - promoted by Bob Neer)

Congratulations (again) to Peter Smulowitz for winning a hard-fought and uphill primary election against long-time House member Lida Harkins!

So now the hard work begins. Smulowitz has a tough opponent in the May 11 general election — Richard Ross, an incumbent House member who apparently hails from Scott Brown’s home town of Wrentham. (Does he drive a truck? Time will tell.) Election day is less than four weeks away, so time is of the essence.

What can you do? You can click here to volunteer for the campaign’s GOTV tomorrow.

You can also give money right here, right now! Just fill in the box and click “Contribute.” You’ll go directly to our secure Act Blue donation page.

I would like to donate $ to Peter Smulowitz for State Senate!

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I would love to raise $1,000 for Smulowitz via Act Blue, and I think we can do it. [UPDATE: And I was right!! :-) ] Every little bit helps!

Of course, you can also volunteer – see the campaign’s website for details.

This an important election. It’s an opportunity to put a terrific progressive in the Senate. It’s also an opportunity to turn one of our few red Senate seats blue, and to reclaim Scott Brown’s seat (IT’S THE PEOPLE’S SEAT!!) for the Democrats. Let’s do it!

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  1. To answer one question

    Ross does apparently drive a truck.  No word yet on if he has daughters, or if they are available.  

    • did he buy the truck because one of his daughters likes horses?

      (That's why Brown bought his. True story.)

    • WIll be donating

      I need to est an ActBlue account b/c lord knows I never have my wallet when I'm interested in donating online.  

      And no I have not memorized my cc #.  I'll be contributing to your fundraising drive, David.

      Thank you for your work for Smulowitz.  Combined with the D'Alessandro campaign, things are looking good to improving governance for MA 9, on Beacon and Capitol hill!

  2. Ross actually drives a hearse.

    Seriously. But not a bad guy.

  3. Wonder how Ross feels about today's Globe piece on Wrentham budget cuts?

    Although I'm sure the Republicans will offer some symbolic amendment on local aid that will force the Democratic majority to vote "against" local aid ..

  4. Remind me how to send a check to the BMG PAC, again

    After all, other inquiring minds may want to know but be too shy to ask.

    • Info is in the donation box,

      but just for the record:

      Or send a check to BMG PAC, PO Box 877, Medford, MA 02155.


  5. THX - along the lines of rule #1:

    If you want someone to do something, make it as easy as possible.

  6. Some BMG PAC info please!

    This belongs on another thread, and may be there... but I can't help but ask.

    Could we get some 2009 data?  Not everything is on the link, for a variety of reasons.  What I'd like:

    * Total dollars raised * Total number of distinct donors

    • Why?

      Total dollars raised in 2009 is in the linked report.  Total number of distinct donors is not information we are required to disclose.  I suppose we could, but why do you care?

      • Average donation is an interesting metric

        few large donors have a different impact than many small donors.  The latter 'smells' more small 'd' democratic, and may suggest a larger upside upon ideal conditions (since they could all likely donate an additional 50%, whereas large donors may hit the ceiling).

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