Scott Brown and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Excellent round-up. I had missed the assessment of the newspapers that "that his Irish Visa bill noticeably “exhibits favoritism” against Asian & Hispanic immigrants." - promoted by Bob_Neer

Yesterday was the vote on The Buffett Bill, and after the week Scott Brown had, he must have been dreading it (he voted against making the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes).

ProgressMass put together a good sampling of highlights from Brown’s week:

- Last week, papers all around the region printed a number of letters to the editor from across Massachusetts complaining about how far-right Scott Brown has been and what a disappointing job he’s done as a U.S. Senator.

- Here’s a sample: Fall River Herald News: “Nothing moderate about Scott Brown’s Record“; Boston Globe: “A vote for Brown is a vote for a GOP Senate“; Springfield Republican: “Health care repeal would hurt citizens“; Boston Globe: “An independent voice? Not when it counts“; MetroWest Daily News/Milford Daily News: “Smaller military means more jobs”; Boston Globe: “On climate change, no support from the senator.

- Even his support of the Red Sox was called into question when it came to light that, in 2001, he wanted them to move the team from Fenway Park to Foxborough.  But in a radio ad he ran this week, he seems to forget that he ever wrote to Bob Kraft about this.

- Brown’s public policy judgment was called into question when the Quincy Patriot LedgerBrockton Enterprise, and Taunton Daily Gazette reported that his Irish Visa bill noticeably “exhibits favoritism” against Asian & Hispanic immigrants.  This position also has Brown criticized by the Libertarians and the anti-immigrant crowd. To top it off, the Boston Herald declares Scott Brown is not up to “role model” standards.

- As the Mommy wars played out this week, Scott Brown was not spared.  For a man who recently joked that the only thing he’s learned from women is “how to cook”, he’s is still under fire for his sponsorship of the anti-women’s health Blunt Amendment, part of the Republican War on Women. He added to his woman troubles when covering a brewery campaign stop and made sexist comments about a female Boston Herald reporter’s drinking. Then his campaign strategist, Eric Fehrnstrom tried to make David Axelrod responsible for Bill Maher’s views since he donates to the Democratic Super Pac.  But by that logic, Fehrnstrom is responsible for Foster Friess who suggested that the tele-prompters needed to be bulletproof around Obama.  Hateful stuff.

- Brown doesn’t like bad news.  Hearing that Elizabeth Warren had raised 6.9 million dollars to his 3.4 in the first quarter, he tossed off an email to his supporters mocking Warren’s supporters. This backfired on him when the Warren Campaign forwarded Brown’s email verbatim to their supporters and Warren reportedly raised over $50,000.


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  1. The Chabot piece is bizzah

    Nothing says Regular Guy like a little drinkin’ and drivin’. “We’ll have her dancing in the back of the truck.”
    Brownie’s a frickin howl, dude.

  2. Can someone please ask Sen. Brown

    if he believes Mitt Romney is or is not elite? I’d really love to here the reasoning behind whatever response he’d come up with. No, Mitt’s just a regular guy! It’s not elite to have a Harvard degree and send your sons there, it’s only elite to get a paycheck from there! Yes, but it’s OK because he’s a guy while Elizabeth Warren is an uppity woman! I mean really, is this the year for Republican candidates to be whining about someone else being “elite” when the top of the ticket is Mitt Romney?

    As for “dancing in the back of the truck,” well, I’ll keep to myself what I’d like to say in response, except that I do believe Senator Brown will be unpleasantly surprised at rather large gender gap in this November’s election.

  3. A bad week that is not over yet:

    Swarms of Hub teens are expected to descend on U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s Boston office today to demand he push for crucial federal summer jobs cash cut two years ago by Washington Republicans (_sic_). Brown voted with fellow GOP lawmakers in 2010 to defeat a measure that would have restored millions for summer jobs. Hundreds are expected at a noon rally at City Hall plaza today to call on lawmakers to restore the funding.

    “Everyone in the Massachusetts delegation voted for it, except one,” City Councilor at large Felix G. Arroyo said of Brown. “We’re hopeful that if the measure comes up again, he’ll reconsider.”

    Yet Senator Fratboy retains a couple of comparatively undemandin’

    political friends:

    U.S. Sen. Scott Brown yesterday unleashed a new campaign website devoted to his two best friends — the family’s prized pooches — amid an already hairy week that saw . . . .

    what we have seen that it saw.

    Happy days.

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