Scott Brown has been claiming meetings with “kings and queens” for months

This is really bizarre.  The Mass. Dems have put out a new video showing that, in fact, Scott Brown has claimed multiple times to have discussed the issues of the day with “kings and queens.”  Hard to argue with the evidence.

Personally, I find the video’s “Dancing Queen” soundtrack, etc. to be a tad over the top. Because what the actual video footage makes clear is that Scott Brown has been repeatedly peddling a line that is clearly untrue – as his spokesman admitted yesterday when he said that Brown “misspoke” about “kings and queens.” Brian McGrory, who is clearly losing patience with our junior Senator, today expressed concern about Brown’s stability in light of yesterday’s on-radio gaffe:

Be worried about Senator Brown. Be very worried. It looks like he’s becoming delusional, starting to believe — and worse, trying to convince others — that he’s far more important than any junior senator has ever been.

But had McGrory known that Brown has made the “kings and queens” claim not just once, but multiple times, over many months, imagine how much harsher his column might have been (and maybe will be when he next writes). Because if you say something that is patently and absurdly false a bunch of times, it’s not “misspeaking.” It’s … well, you fill in the blank.


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  1. Must have been

    a flashback to his Studio 54 days.

  2. Delusional? Or desperate?

    Perhaps it’s starting to concern Scott Brown that he’s achieved less in Washington as a U.S. Senator than Elizabeth Warren has as a private citizen. Warren can point to the Consumer Financial Protection Board – it may not be as robust as we’d like, but it’s fair to see that it probably wouldn’t exist at all without her efforts.

    What does Senator Brown have to show us for his two years in Washington? Being personally responsible for millions in tax breaks for financial firms? That is an actual achievement of his, but probably not one he wants to tout on the campaign trail (it’s impressive to Wall Street campaign contributors, but not lots of Mass. voters). Voting for an amendment to allow employers to block health insurance coverage for contraception? Supporting Mitch McConnell to be Senate Majority Leader?

    • And let's face it

      a junior Senator is, at best, the least important person IN the Senate. So to achieve nothing much except watering down those regulations on banks which destroyed our economy and doubling down on the Blunt anti-woman amendment (so much so that you have to run ads where your wife defensively has to shout out loud how awesome he is to his women) is really impressive, in the wrong way, to say the least.

      It’s almost like Brown has an under-zero negative number of achievements in the Senate…better for him had he no achievements of any sort at all than the ones he has to run on now.

      But of course, it’s his own damn fault, so I have little sympathy.

  3. Maddow came up with #fumblebrag

    about sums it up …

    link to the video.

  4. Just as an aside

    this being another negative post on Brown (as was pointed out), it’d be a lot easier to stop doing it if he weren’t so gaffe-prone, empty-suited, and horrific on his record…I’d love to be 50/50 positive on our side, negative on Brown, but we keep getting handed these things…

    I still wonder if this’ll even trickle down at all into the electorate. It’s still too early IMHO to move that many of the undecideds.

    The debates will do that…

    • This is a legitimate issue.

      This is more than a gaffe. It’s hard to know exactly what it is. But the more Brown talks, the more he reveals his brain to have severe gastrointestinal problems.

      • True.

        It’s a small thing, added up with all the other small things. It’s uncanny how freaking parallel Mitty’s candidacy and Brown’s is…

  5. Remember the Maverick theme song?

    No, not McCain – I’m talking about the real Maverick. I always wondered who were those Jackson Queens he was living on …

  6. Three choices

    1. He’s delusional.
    2. He think sophomoric lies makes for good messaging.
    3. He’s actually visiting kings and queens, in which case he should name names and be up front with how, exactly, they’re helpful in improving things for the middle class, like he claimed on the radio.

    I suppose there should be a fourth choice — some combination of the above.

    It’s all frightening, though, and raises the now legitimate question of whether or not he has a temperament fit for office.

    RyansTake   @   Fri 22 Jun 1:38 PM
  7. Here's a quote

    It’s funny, when you’re running for office, especially high elective office, you have to pass a test, and the test is about truthfulness and credibility and honesty

    - Scott Brown

  8. If I were King of the Forest,

    Not queen, not duke, not prince.
    My regal robes of the forest, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz (or nothing at all!).
    I’d command each thing, be it fish or fowl.
    With a woof and a woof and a royal growl – woof.
    As I’d click my heel, all the trees would kneel.
    And the mountains bow and the bulls kowtow.
    And the sparrow would take wing – If I – If I – were King!
    Each rabbit would show respect to me. The chipmunks genuflect to me.
    Though my tail would lash, I would show compash
    For every underling!
    If I – If I – were King!
    Just King!
    Monarch of all I survey — Mo–na-a-a–a-arch Of all I survey!

    • I had a student with the last

      name of Forest. I used to sing “If I were King of the Forest” to the class sometimes when I called on him. They had no idea what I was singing about.

      I got more mileage from “Run, Forest, Run.”

  9. Stop attacking his family!

    OK, so apparently he has incorporated the phrase as a rhetorical device when speaking to general audiences about how neat and interesting his job is, and how he’s been meeting with lots of people. I am sure he’s met with foreign leaders who had the prestige and importance of kings and queens, but thinks that’s too cumbersome to say or not important to say, or he may actually believe, family lore style, that he’s met with kings and queens. Perhaps he’s had secret meetings and now he needs to backtrack and deny them. More likely though, he was just using it as a rhetorical device, a metaphor to convey to the audience that he’s met with important world leaders and discussed stuff.

    Warren would just say it didn’t have anything to do with getting the job, what does a guy have to do to be taken seriously, he’s proud of having met with kings and queens, and stop attacking his family, etc.

    • Whats the connection?

      Scott Brown brags about secret meetings with kings and queens. No one else in his family said that. T

    • I'd actually like to know

      all these important leaders he’s been meeting with and what has come of it, whether or not they’re royalty. I’ll settle for knowing about some. This is a claims he’s making about the job he is doing NOW, on the public payroll, and asking us to vote for him because of it. It’s relevant.

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