Obama wins!

Bravo to Barack Obama and his team for running a brilliant campaign. Mitt, this one's for you:
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Lights out, Mitt.


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  1. Signed, Sealed


  2. What a great night!

    I feel bad for the people in the condos on either side of the one where we held our return watching party – we were a pretty raucous bunch between Brown’s concession speech, Warren’s victory speech, and the call for Ohio!

  3. Now.

    Now is when you spike the football, for both Elizabeth and Barack.

  4. Nosedive

    for the entire GOP. The big story is the Hispanic vote, which should have been a lock a half-generation ago, given many Hispanics are religious and socially conservative. However, they might have permanently damaged their standing with such voters…and created habits with Hispanics that will last their lifetimes.

    • To be clear

      Dem-voting habits.

    • I think you over-reach

      The growing Hispanic voting population over the next 20 years isn’t from newly-minted Americans, it’s from born-in-America Hispanics turning 18. These kids will be a “clean page” every four years. The GOP will always have the chance to go after the younger Hispanic voters, because they haven’t yet developed Dem-voting habits.

      Can I imagine GOP policies which sit well with their base and *also* young Hispanics? Nawp. But maybe they’ve got some creativity!

    • Pretty much the only thing Bush got right

      Was the need to court Hispanics. So naturally it’s the only thing the GOP ignores him on.

      sabutai   @   Wed 7 Nov 9:37 PM
  5. Seamus laughs last

    His triumphant bark echoes through every burg.

    Finally, he’s freed from the roof-prison of his mind, from the dread that 47% of Americans would be joining him in a feces-ridden four-year festival of terror.

    Tonight, we are all Seamus. Tonight we all join together, Democrats and Republicans together, in a single profound hope: that after 18 years of littering our lives, that schmuck will vanish.

    • My take

      Totally wasn’t expecting to feel wonderful tonight, I thought if I was lucky maybe Warren and Obama-maybe. Instead we have three great progressive fighters going to the Senate in Warren, the good Brown, and Baldwin. We have solid Dems in Donnelly, McClaskill, Heitkamp and Tester also winning their seats. Reality based policies on marriage equality and drug reform are passing by decent margins. Even Bachmann might be out of a job! That change I once believed in and thought was gone is coming back!

      And in Chicago’s suburbs we lost faux moderates like Biggert and Dold and hypocritical dead beat dad anti-woman candidates like Joe Walsh. Tonight was a victory for the patchwork that is America, working families, Hispanics, women, African Americans and the LGBT community delivered a big win for the President. America did not just begrudgingly embrace the President and reject the Tea Party-it crushed the Tea Party and overwhelmingly sent this President back to work. Maybe McConell and Boehner will realize their actual job was always to work for the people that elected them not against their President. Time will tell.

  6. Here's to the blimp!

    That image did us many years of noble service.

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