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Today is Shop Small day! After the midnight lines mega store excess of Black Friday, please go to your local downtown or strip mall today and support some of the local stores that make up our local economy.

I’ll spare you the platitudes and GTFs (Graphic Text “Facts”) you’ll see on Facebook about local money staying local. If you need more info, check out, sponsored like the day by American Express or

Look for local Cash Mobs too. There’s one today in Maynard (11:00 am at Memorial Park)  and in Lakeville (all day at Something’s Brewin Book Cafe). Check or local links on Facebook–or even start a mob in your own community.






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  1. I'm all for shopping small

    and I’m also for shopping less. Really, do we need all this stuff? All this plastic, all these electronic-embedded greeting cards, all these gag or cutesy gifts?

    This holiday season, buy local, and also buy less. Give away your own possessions. Buy used to give as gifts (clothes, accessories, music, etc). Buy people services from local shops — gift certificates or certificates for service from local restaurants, shoe repairmen, dry cleaners, bike repair shops, car washes, etc.

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