RIP, Dave Brubeck

One of the greats. A day shy of his 92nd birthday. :( - promoted by david

Among my many flaws, I am a piano player. The world of music lost a great one today.


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  1. So am I to understand...

    …that your being a piano player is a flaw?:)

  2. Yeah, I remember when Joe Morello went...

    … in 2011.

  3. An iconic one

    Brubeck took the Paul Desmond song “Take Five” beyond the jazz world into the popular realm.
    It is one of the very few songs in 5/4 time that most people have ever heard and thanks to Brubeck we can hum it at the drop of a hat.
    Enjoy this version recorded in Belgium in 1964.

    He and his wife also wrote lyrics to Take Five, here wonderfully sung by Carmen McRea:

  4. Here's take two

    of Take Five:

  5. Bummed

    I started playing piano a few years ago (played guitar since I was a kid) and once I got to a level where I felt I could tackle it, I learned a somewhat simplified version of Blue Rondo A La Turk, a favorite of mine since forever (9/8 time on that one). RIP, Dave.

  6. Dave Brubeck intrduced me to jazz

    I never listened to jazz when I was young, but the jukebox at one of our watering holes at UConn had “Take Five” on it and I’ve loved jazz ever since. He was a fantastic composer, and I learned tonight on WGBH that he never even learned to read music! The world lost a giant today.

  7. Dad was a big fan

    And more importantly one of my favorites, Miles Davis, said Brubeck was one of the few white artists on par with him, high praise.

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