Why Did Conn. Cops March School Shooter’s Brother/Victim’s Son In Front of Media?

I’ll give them the handcuffs under the circumstances and not let it get in the way of my point.

Why the perp walk?

Every police station has a way in allowing media avoidance.

I was planning a post this weekend on prosecutorial and police discretion. Seems the media types need a little education because Martha Coakley is easily bamboozling them on the Cahill matter.

But the killings took the wind out of the sails and I’m going to let it be for now.

However, there is no need to avoid asking now why this young man was treated this way.

Why was this poor bastard, who the cops had minute evidence to believe he was anymore involved than having the bad luck of being related to the shooter, brought out on display by the government for no other reason than to portray him as an evil doer?


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  1. Is it because tragedy becomes media event?

    Could the police want their faces on camera as the whole affair was over before they could get credit for resolution of the crime?

    As repugnant as the crime was the media handling has been disgusting. Last night I understand a talking head was likening then news coverage to that of a “Superbowl.” Then there’s the parading of child survivors to the media for interviews…

    The coverage reminds me of the stories of news coverage of lynchings in the 30s. No respect for the dead, circus atmosphere, politicians getting their part of the newsprint.

    Makes one skin crawl.

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