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Recently retired Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson was interviewed on NPR’s “Fresh Air,” by Terry Gross this evening.  I had not heard Mr. Robinson’s voice before this evening.  His voice was soothing and sincere.The interview is one of the most profoundly loving discussions of equal rights I have been privileged to hear and read.

Gene Robinson’s ability to articulate the recent and current progress for Gay people is clear, compassionate and remarkable in the simplicity of his message.  He makes so much sense and while his words and work resonates here at BMG…..I just think if more people who may still be in the dark regarding LGBT equality, could hear him speak, they would surely experience positive change and acceptance.

Maybe, just maybe, if the interview were shared widely with those not inclined to tune into “Fresh Air,” we might see more progress.  We have come a long way in ten years, but there is still work to be done.


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  1. Humble and sincere Christian

    I may not have appointed him to avoid the break up, but from what most Episcopalians tell me the break up was a long time coming. As soon as women were ordained the march of the traditionalists to Rome or separatism was inevitable. Courageous and humble, and from all accounts beloved by all in his diocese. Honest about his sins, whether it be alcoholism or the pains he caused his family by hiding who he was. But the sins made him more humble and contrite in his ministry. If his ex-wife and daughter are not only okay but proud of who he is now why would anyone else care? A good preacher and the rare Episcopalian who is liberal but theologically traditional when it comes to the important things (trinity, virgin birth, adhering to Nicene and Apostles Creeds, real presence in the Eucharist).

  2. Helped my daughter immensely

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Bishop Robinson several times through the Episcopal parish I attended in Brookline.

    Just after Bishop Robinson was ordained, at the height of the controversy, my then-young children were being torn by a terrible and hostile divorce. Their mother was forcing them to attend the North shore Episcopal parish that was leading the move to attack Bishop Robinson, attack the ordination of gay and lesbian priests and bishops, and (the real reason) attack the ordination of women. My youngest daughter, as a grade schooler, was particularly vulnerable to the vile slander she was hearing from the pulpit of her mother’s church.

    At that time, I was active in the Episcopal church and attended my Brookline parish regularly. My children always joined me on the alternate weekends they were allowed to spend with me. Fortunately, one of Bishop Robinson’s visits coincided with a “child weekend”.

    My daughter still recalls how marvelously healing it was for her to hear, meet, and talk with Bishop Robinson. She still talks of how much she treasured the first-hand realization of all that he was not — and of all that he was.

    Thank you, heartlanddem, for posting this marvelous homage to Gene Robinson.

    • Thank you,

      For sharing your – and your daughter’s – painful but poignant life story, which is a testimony that kindness and courage do overcome.

    • Sad and good to hear

      Sad to hear about your divorce and the effect it had on your family, sadder still your wife remained a part of an ACNA congregation (was it in Amesbury, Newbury or Danvers?). But I am glad your daughter was able to see past that, we often forget that the most common and decent humanity is expressed by children, Christ understood this and I think Bishop Robinson must have seen that in your daughter.

  3. amazing interview

    The link above now goes to a story about Ben Affleck, this link is currently working.

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