Happy New Year!

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And yes, we’ve just gone over the fiscal cliff, whatever that means. [UPDATE: Fiscal cliff averted!] Regardless, here’s hoping 2013 brings you and yours peace and happiness. We’re glad you spent some of 2012 with us here at BMG, and we hope you’ll stick around this year!

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  1. Happy 2013, Democrats, Massachusetts, USA

    Happy 2013, Massachusetts Democrats. Here is my New Year’s Eve.


    Let us get another Massachusetts Democrat elected into our United States Senate. Framingham was bean-town tonight. We needed to stuff up with beans and rice to fight the lemon and acid thereof from the bottled drink in our house party. We played the view-billionaire Psy’s song: he, Psy/Park, being a Boston University and Berklee College of Music dropout.

  2. And Happy New Year to you, David

    Last year, 2012, was a terrific year for politics in Massachusetts. It was fun to defeat Scott Brown.

    In 2013, it’s going to be even more fun to defeat him again!

  3. Additing good wishes for 2013

    While 2012 was a successful year in politics for most on this site (but not all!) – it was, for me, the most difficult year in my life so far. It was, in fact, life changing and all the effects of that are not over. I would like to see 2013 be the year that fracking does NOT come to Western Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley. I would like to see 2013 be the year when civil liberties return to the radar of progressives and the Democratic Party. And I even dare hope for access to justice for all.

    • We're glad you're here!

      Deb, we’re all glad that you’re still at BMG in 2013! You know, 2013 doesn’t have to be the best year, but I hope it is as good to you as it can be.

      Personally, I have the realistic goal that 2013 is a solidly above average year ;)

      Warm regards,

  4. 2013 will be the first time in my life that

    I will have a woman represent me in Washington in the legislative branch. And not just any woman, but one who truly represents average people – and with the expertise to stand up to abuses of big finance. I look forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor on that this year.

    As long as it’s not the year we go back to having a Republican in the US Senate….

    Happy New Year to all.

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