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Congratulations SENATOR Warren!

Senator Warren, with Senator Kerry, immediately after being sworn in by Vice President Biden


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  1. Not just for breaking a glass ceiling in local politics but also for being a true fighter and progressive voice in the Senate and a rare foe of Wall Street in that body. Warren was bought and paid for by the people and she will never forget it is to them she owes this seat-not the special interests. Here is hoping our junior and soon to be senior senator will have a great partner.

  2. Congratulations to SENATOR WARREN!!!

    Now everybody lace up your walking shoes for the next race…

  3. Very excited Senator Warren is officially in

    and hoping she can do the work to stop this nonsense from happening, because it has changed a beautiful show of courage on the part of the Democrats into the status quo same old terrible system of government corruption. I want to know who added all these loopholes into this bill while at the same time agreeing to end the Payroll Tax holiday for workers.

    Tucked inside the last-minute fiscal cliff package were more than a dozen tax loopholes, many of which will benefit Wall Street financial firms and some of the nation’s biggest corporations. These breaks will cost billions of dollars in the coming year, underscoring the lobbying power of corporate interests.

    Waste, waste, waste…….

  4. Congratulations, United States Senator Elizabeth A. Warren

    Congratulations, United States Senator Elizabeth A. Warren.
    Brown had his thousands. Warren has her ten thousands.

  5. I was there, in DC

    Yesterday was an exciting day. The Senators were called alphabetically in groups of four to be sworn-in. So, Elizabeth was near the end.

    I felt like I was witnessing our democracy in action. I had worked extremely hard for Elizabeth Warren, and it just made me feel great to see her actually become a Senator.

    Tomorrow, (Saturday), I am going to Roxbury Community College to watch Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan administer the oath to Elizabeth again. The event is scheduled for 2:00, and it’s worth seeing.

    Elizabeth Warren makes me proud to be a Democrat!

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