BMG True Believers – Why Would Any Self-Respecting Person Want to be a Cop Nowadays? – John Henry/Larry Lucchino Crime Family – Note to Dick Lehr

I get a kick out of the BMGers who cited the state Dem. party rules in rebuttal to my assertion that John Walsh won’t lift a finger for Ed Markey in the primary.

To that I say, “hahahahahahahahahahahhaha”.

So adorable in their naivete.

I wink, a nod, a look the other way. What planet do you people live on. Aspergers afflicts a small minority of people. Some times I think most of them are on here. Do you think John Walsh and the people running the party are robots?

What was the name of that poor Democrat who dared oppose Liz Warren? Good to see the state party stayed totally out of that fight at the convention.


I am starting to get pissed off, afraid, concerned, disappointed, sad, and lonely with society’s insistence of promulgating rules that go against human nature and punishing violators with over the top public humiliation and punitive measures.

The case de jour is the poor bastard Boston cop who decided to pull a car over one night and low and behold it’s the commissioners son. And he had a few in him.

What to do what to do?

Well in my opinion he should have done what every good cop could did years ago when he pulled over the son of of the commissioner, a fellow poolicie officer, or a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy he knew.

He brooms it. Everyone gets a break.

99.9% of the time the young kid is ashamed but goes on with his life and becomes a doctor, lawyer, tradesman, C.P.A.. cop, fireman.

Could he if he had the arrest? I don’t know.

And don’t forget all the first offenders who knew nobody but the cop saw someone who deserved a break.

Tens of thousands of them out there. Raising families, paying taxes.

And cops know whose who. Including kids that keep getting into trouble. Usually after two or three run-ins they turn the screws on the kid. No more favors. Fuck him.!!! Cops are like everyone else. Their off-spring go in all directions. They know the code. No breaks after it’s apparent the kids trouble.

That’s how a society works. That’s how police stations should work. Bit now they don’t want discretion, Discretion is an important part of the job.

Society wants to take away discretion. Thaty’s Orwellian people, Orwellian.

But not today. It’s kill kill and be killed. This poor cop did the right think and now he is being investigated.

Meanwhile the cops that killed and assaulted innocent college kids during our baseball and basketball championship celebration go unpunished.

If your kid wants to go in the police force I suggest you remind him of the dangers. The hundreds of them. The last and least important is that they could get killed in the line of duty. All the others have to do with inside baseball down at the station.

That ex-cop in L.A. killing other cops is the perfect example. Check out what they did to him. He saw a superior kick and assault a mentally handicapped guy. He reported it. Evidence supported it. The force said he was lying and fired him for making false accusations,

I see on CNN a former L.A. Police psychologist saying the guy has to “let it go”.

NO shit sherlock. But you know what? Statistically when you fuck with as many peoples lives like you do to protect the institution you will have to deal with the percentage that mentally can’t deal with it.

Let me give you another real example. A forget which one, but in one of the wealthier Boston suburbs there was an abusive cop who routinely beat and threatened kids. A total prick by all accounts.

One night a kid who he beat up threw a molotov cocktail on his front porch. The thing got out of control. Burnt the cop’s house down. Nobody hurt. (Am I suppose to put in the gratuitous “Thank God” here?)

What’s even better is the local cops totally fucked up the investigation. Arrests were never made.

And the best part! Everyone knows who the kid is.

Good for him!! We need these guys. They are our Clint Eastwoods.

Why? Because they are what keep them honest. You never know what kind of nut you are messing with.

I learned that in kindergarten for crissakes.


Just a reminder folks, Larry Lucchino is still a no good so and so.

Poor Larry. Remember how Larry use to always talk about his legacy? Like a President may do? It was bizarre.

Well Larry doesn’t do much of that now does he? He’s beginning to realize that nobody that matters gives a flying fuck about a world series yet they do care how their friends and their friends’ friends are treated and people in general.

Larry has failed on that by all accounts.

Respect and honesty matter also.

Not only that Larry insists on being thought of as a “baseball man”.

There was a good baseball book I read in the 80s called Dollar Sign on the Muscle.  It followed a year inside the Philadelphia Phillies scouting operation. It had the nice theme of the old guard coming up against the new. Old time scouts who played professional ball at some level v. new college boys with computers. Real Oscar and Felix stuff.

I remember one old timer who had to first see if the kid had a “baseball face” before he’d consider him.

In it there was a quote from someone with real cred describing what a “baseball man” is.

The first thing is he had to have played professional ball at some level. He then had to have reached a level he shouldn’t have but got there by brains and hard work.

Then he lives and dies with what goes on on the field and in the clubhouse. He does not care if there is nobody in the stands as long as baseball can be played.

John Tom and Larry should sell the Sox as soon as they can so we can remember as the guys who brought us two championships. But with every passing day it becomes clear that they will be remembered as rich goof balls Boston took advantage of.

We got their out of state $700 million which John Harrington is putting right back in Boston. They were such suckers that even Tom Reilly illegally held them up for another $100 million.

See guys, even our weakest player can out smart you.

And they boosted our confidence. A billionaire commodities trader, a Hollywood big shot, and Washington insider, fixer, get things done guy who also knows baseball better than anyone.

We can take what we need and if they don’t respect us abuse them just like anybody else from the outside. Make them leave here wishing they never heard of Boston. Regardless of the World Series Rings.

What a shame. Larry Tom and John seem to be universally hated in baseball (francona’a book makes that clear) and I don’t know too many people that like them around here. That includes people that deal with them because they are getting something out of it. (Thanks again guys – it’s about us not you)

BTW that’s what you get for making money off of illegal drugs and lying about it. Harrington saw what was coming. Money was taking over and it was all about the bottom line. The new M.B.A. thinking of the bottom line.

Steroids and homeruns were the answer. And they were right. I can’t knock them.

The fired the independent Commissioner and put Bud Selig in charge. He thought like they did on the steroids and home runs. So when Harrington said enough is enough Selig made damn sure the team went to Henry/Lucchino crime family.

The extra hundred million Reilly squeezed out of them was another pay-off crime bosses make to get things done.


Hey Dick Lehr, Congratulations on getting Johnny Depp to star in Black Mass. Perfect, a thespian with deep experience in fiction and fantasy. I hope you explained to the movie people that your book is a work of fiction. Otherwise you may not want to spend all the money. They may want it back in a few years.

Do they know about this guy Dick? Backed by real evidence and credible assumptions retired highl-evel prosecutor Matt Connolly makes you and your fellow phonies in the press laughingstocks on a daily basis.

Total schmucks.

If I were you I’d just get out of the Whitey business before the word “Lehr” or “Carr” or “Murphy” or “Boerir” or “Cullen” become synonymous with a non-street smart but ambitious journalists lead around on a leash by those wishing to control what’s written. In others words journalistic saps.


Pitchers and Catchers reported yesterday. Go Sox!


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  1. Ok Ernie...

    …so many people here seem to like your posts based on some notion that you know what you’re talking about and connect some dots that nobody else sees. I have never understood it and with this post you have finally said something that I can cite as an instance where I have direct knowledge of something that proves you don’t have the slightest clue what you are talking about!

    Namely, I’m refering to your first topic in this diary regarding primary contests within the Democratic Party. There was of course one candidate not named Elizabeth Warren who stuck it out through convention. She was given just as much chance as Warren to do so. If I recall correctly she was the first candidate I heard about announcing for the seat so she had plenty of time to round up delegates, but seemed to not put a lot of effort into it.

    The convention is a very open process. Any eligible voter is welcome to register as a Dem by 12/31 and any Democrat is welcome to participate in a local caucus and try to get elected delegate. These caucuses are required to be publicly announced and this year’s list is here. (NB: These are caucuses for the platform convention; special elections go straight to primary.) Once people are at convention the vote is taken by roll call with representatives from each campaign verifying the tally taken by the teller for each district. Though DeFranco could have put more effort into caucuses I think in this case it was ultimately not her fault that she was up against a candidate with such star power. It was the vote of individual delegates and not any party machinations that gave EW 95% of the convention vote.

    John Walsh is an honest broker, so unless you have evidence, which frankly I tend to doubt of something inappropriate happening I suggest you stick to what you do know, whatever that is.

    • Ernie is full of poo on the Walsh thing

      I’ve got Christopher’s back on this one: Ernie knows not of what he speaks with respect to the Elizabeth/Marisa DeFranco race:

      EW was everywhere from the late summer of 2011: house parties, union halls, Democratic cookouts, caucuses, parades, town meetings

      DeFranco’s presence throughout the state was, to be charitable, weak and sporadic at best.

      EW’s team had a plan to maximize delegate collection at the caucuses in winter 2012. I know that many caucus attendees receive numerous phone calls and emails from Team EW lobbying them to caucus for and attend to the convention to nominate EW. This outreach extended to EW attending numerous caucuses personally to meet and greet caucus-goers. In my municipality, EW collected more than 30 delegates.

      DeFranco had no such plan and no such outreach. She attended few caucuses personally and, as a result, collected few delegates. In my municipality, DeFranco collected one delegate.

      In terms of signature gathering, EW had many hundreds of volunteers in more than 200 municipalities collecting signatures. No money changed hands and no one was paid to collect signatures for EW. This far reaching volunteer effort netted EW more than 30,000 signatures.

      DeFranco had no such organized outreach for signature collection and, as a result, she had to pay some company even to receive the necessary 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

      With respect to the convention in Springfield, Team EW had a highly organized operation to ensure that delegates had rides, had hotel space and were able to attend.

      Conversely, DeFranco had no such plan to get delegates to the Convention. Instead, she whined to the Boston Herald that she had “earned” a place on the ballot and that EW was somehow assaulting democracy if she won nomination outright at the convention.

      if you can’t tell from my tone, I’m sick to death of Marisa dead-enders who think they are owed something or that they were somehow cheated out of something.

      EW and her team worked their asses off from the moment EW contemplated getting in the race to and through November 6. None of it had anything to do with John Walsh manipulating levers of power…none of it.

  2. the place you were thinking of

    where “young men” can light a front porch on fire and watch the whole house burn to the ground and never get arrested or punished…the whole town knows who did it but “connected” kids get away with what could have been murder…they are lucky no one was trapped in that house…but, it’s okay to burn down someone’s house if that someone was a cop who no one in town liked….Winchester has always known how to look the other way when favored “young men” screw up at others’ expense.

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