BREAKING NEWS: Council President Steve Murphy Lining Up Vatican Votes for Catholic Top Spot

You heard it here first.

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  1. Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) wanted it to be known that, while as a gay Jew he is ineligible to be elected in the Conclave he is more than willing to be appointed as a placeholder Pope until the Conclave is complete.

  2. prediction

    At the last minute, Scott Brown will indicate that he is NOT in.

  3. Also

    Althea Garrison and Roy Owens also announced their candidacies.

  4. No way!

    Murphy’s gotta get in line behind Flynn. Finneran, DiMasi and Cahill are all gonna play the redemption card……just you wait.

  5. WWJCD? - What would John Connolly do?

    Being an election year within Boston, John Connolly may need now need to disavow any knowledge or coordination with EB3. Hopefully, EB3 is not a sock puppet of Mr. Connolly which I seriously doubt.

    In case you do not know to what I am referring, here is a link Link to mailing kefuffle

  6. JKIII is IN!

    Despite being in elective office for five weeks, the Globe writes a three-page long feature on the “promising” trajectory of Mr. Kennedy, his family’s long history with the Holy See, and his “natural family instincts to be able to heal the sick and turn water to wine” following a yearlong stint in the Peace Corps.

    The feature will include a quote from Patrick Kennedy saying, “I know Joe is smart, capable, a devout Catholic, and would make an excellent pontiff.”

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