Brown, missing the attention, pondering run for governor

Eagle Tribune

The Republican told WFXT-TV he hasn’t made any decisions, but was going to “keep all options open” about his political future,

“Of course I’m thinking about it,” Brown said during the interview Monday night. “I’m thinking about a lot of different things. But right now the best thing I can do for myself and for my piece of mind and I think for the people of Massachusetts is just to hang tight and recharge and be active.”

In the interview, Brown said he is learning how to play guitar and speak Spanish while mulling his professional and political options.

In the interview, Brown blamed his loss in part on President Barack Obama’s political coattails in the state. He said he would have done nothing different in his campaign.

And oh yeah, he wasn’t drunk when he tweeted Bqhatevwr, and the barn jacket cost $150.



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  1. A Governor Brown

    He would no doubt bring his unique approach to education to the office. The man has a positively Bushian response to any suggestion that he’s ever made a mistake. Go be a lawyer somewhere Scott. You have no idea how to be a public servant.

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