Here come the debates!

Not sure why this is in the Metro section, but today’s Globe is reporting that Congressmen Lynch and Markey have agreed to six debates: three general in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield; three topic specific in Lowell, New Bedford, and a city to be named later (My suggestion is Pittsfield for geographic reasons.), though which topic would be for which city has yet to be determined.  That’s basically one debate per week between certification and primary.


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  1. Since some of us have already picked a team.

    Do we know if this will be like the UMASS Boston debates (open to the public) or like the closed door TV Studio debates (i.e. Boston Mayor’s debates) where supporters have to stand near rush hour traffic on Soldier’s Field Road? I am hoping for something open to the public at the very least, but I am expecting less.

    • I'm pretty sure...

      …most of the debates in the last Senate election were open to the public, though I think the televised presentation aspect would be the priority.

  2. Seem a lot to anyone else?

    Six debates? Before the general even happens? I’d be excited if I felt these would be substantive exchanges on policy, rather than traps to see if someone is going to make a “gaffe”.

    sabutai   @   Tue 26 Feb 7:22 PM

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