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I don’t think that I have officially said it here. I am writing today to formally announce my support for Congressman Ed Markey’s campaign for U. S. Senate. There are many reasons for my support. He is a national leader on energy and environmental policy, especially stopping climate change. In the U.S. Congress, he has fought for a clean energy and a green economy. Congressman Markey has been a champion for fairness in business and consumer protection, fighting against monopolies in telephone, television, and electrical industries. He has fought to keep the internet a level playing field for all and is a leader in privacy protections.

If you agree with me and want to help we need you now. There are a number of ways that you can help:

1) Attend the Kickoff Gala at the “W” on Thursday, February 28. The event is at The W Hotel at 100 Stuart Street in downtown Boston. It is T accessible and should be a lot of fun. The minimum suggested donation is $100. If that date doesn’t work for you or if you prefer a place with parking, there will be a reception on Monday, March 11 at 7:30 in Weston. Think of it as an investment in our future. I’m trying to raise $1000 for the campaign and I’d love to have your help. Use this link to RSVP or make a donation of any amount and help me meet my goal.

2) Sign nomination papers. If you are in the Boston area you can come to the HQ at 465 Medford St. Suite 4000 Charlestown. If you are not in the Boston area 617-286-4147 to make arrangements to sign.

3) Get involved in our volunteer effort. Use this link to find an event near you or call HQ at 617-286-4147 to get connected to your local team. In addition to the final push for signatures between now and Wednesday, there are a number of efforts coming up. Watch for information on:
- A house party day on February 27 to celebrate the end of signature season.
- Regional organizing meetings and trainings throughout the state.
- Getting votes by talking to neighbors door to door. Although I of course have been going door to door already, the official canvass kickoff is March 9.

So lets have some fun and get some votes!


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  1. Donations of any amount welcome

    If you want to support Ed but don’t want to donate $100 or don’t want to come to an event, you can still use this link and it will help me hit my $1000 goal.

  2. Thanks Everyone for the RECOMMENDs

    If you are so inclined, a donation would be nice as well.

  3. Hadley MA

    If you are in the Happy Valley, as I am, and want to sign Markey’s papers, I am told that there are volunteers at the Whole Foods in Hadley “most afternoons and most of Saturday”.

    • Darn, I was up at Barnes and Noble

      but I wasn’t really looking for signature gatherers.

      • No one there at 5:30.

        Have to try again, I guess. The person I heard from also said that the College Democrats are coordinating signature gathering on the UMass campus, but I haven’t checked that out yet. I guess the GEO office near the Hatch is a good bet to find a signature gatherer…

  4. Kickoff Gala????

    Why did it take Markey two months before he held a “kickoff” event? Seems odd.

    • "kickoff" is broadly defined term in campaigns.

      Often campaigns have them in multiple communities or at multiple stages. February 27th is the signature deadline so one could argue the race officially begins on the 28th.

      • Not a good reason to wait

        About 1,000 people should attend a kickoff gala. If you hold it before the signature deadline, you can use the event as an opportunity to gather signatures and to motivate people to volunteer for the campaign.

        • He has held other events...

          …both rallies and fundraisers. There was the announcement at the Malden Y for example. Don’t get hung up on the terminology. Presidential candidates often “kickoff” their campaigns Labor Day weekend, which is obviously after months of primaries/caucuses and their nominating convention.

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