Lynch: I might not really be for Keystone XL – I’ll get back to you once I find someone (Obama, Kerry) to hide behind.

MassLive reporting that, perhaps after seeing Markey up 75-11 among that majority of Democratic primary voters who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, Steve Lynch is considering “evolving” on the issue. I guess the hippie-punching wasn’t working all that well west of Dot Av.

Mind you, he’s not against it either…yet. He wants to follow “the process” and “make his decision” only after the environmental review is complete. Of course, in early 2012 he said, flat out, “I’m for Keystone pipeline, I think we have the technology, we’ve had it since the 10th century B.C. to make oil run through a pipe.” Oh, it’s that simple? Guess he missed the eleven twelve spills on the first Keystone pipeline in its short existence.

And the tears flowed in Waltham like tar sands oil in an Arkansas cul-de-sac

For the record, I find this about as credible as his sudden support for marriage equality or Roe v. Wade. More like a cynical ploy to blunt some of the opposition from people who care about our planet.



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  1. Brilliant!

    I am completed fooled by Lynch, where do I sign up to be a volunteer? In the Waltham Campaign Headquarters?

    • I feel like Nancy Kerrigan and Stephen Lynch is Jeff Gillooly

      I’ve been busting it for Lynch on here and he chops my knee out. I guess I will gas up my truck, load up the family and dogs, and move to NH and vote for Scott Brown.

      • The Walk of Shame

        I hope Lynch at the very least fixed you breakfast before sending you down Moody Street for that Walk of Shame.

      • You'll be happier there

        I guess I will gas up my truck, load up the family and dogs, and move to NH and vote for Scott Brown.

        and think of all the open space for the dogs.

      • You were never voting for Lynch ...

        please spare us the BS. You are a die hard Republican and only vote Republican, crissakes, quoting looney bin Stossel and you’re trying to have us believe you that you are supporting any kind of Democrat? You live the the bowels of Conservatism.

        • Johnk -please read more carefully

          I NEVER quoted John Stossel, I said I was watching his program and quoted the “experts” and their sources, which happens to be Dr. from B.U. Below is the actual post, show me where I quoted John Stossel? Where? FYI, it takes time and effort to do these posts, the very least you can do is read them accurately, not read what you want them to say. Apology accepted, however.

          I will still vote for Lynch, but he better change his tune, if he wants a chance at this.

          • Dan cut the crap ....

            why are you so ashamed of being a Republican? Wear it proud.

            • IMO Johnk, the worse thing you can do is vote strictly party.

              Both parties take advantage of their voting bases. I mean, look at how the Dems scare you folks in things like “abortion rights is hanging by a thread” or “if we don’t reduce fossil fuel consumption, the oceans will food the coastlines and major cities under water”. Republicans say things like “Obamacare has death panels” or “Dems want to confiscate all your guns we allow background checks”.

              Never let them take you for granted.

              • Morrissey Blvd.

                You know, where the headquarters of the Boston Globe are, is often under water during storms already. I am on an email alert chain in our neighborhood that lets us know when the Blvd is closed due to high tides. This isn’t the future, this is now! This is REAL!

                • And sorrow drive floods to, has been since I was born

                  Old drainage likely the reason. BFD, I still need gas to get around and when it gets hot, want the a/c to turn on and not cost an arm and a leg.

        • Johnk, he's a blue collar

          independent, not a Reagan Democrat, but close.

          He votes for the candidate whom, he thinks, resembles him and his socioeconomic class. He voted for Scott Brown, but said he worked for Ed King. He is one of those people that would be convinced by Lynch’s “I am Stephen Lynch” commercial. He tells himself he votes for the candidate, not the party, but he votes for the candidate who is the closest reflection of him when he looks in the mirror.

      • If you move to NH, please do us a favor...

        Go haunt the boards at BlueHampshire!! I’m sure the editors there will thank me for sending them a fine diarist like yourself, Dan!

  2. side note

    Like what would flow through the Keystone pipeline, what has been flowing out of the pipeline in Arkansas is technically not oil.

    This is important because it lets the oil/not oil companies get out of setting aside $$$ to help clean up the inevitable spills.

    • True

      Dirtier and more corrosive of pipeline walls, yet “not oil” and not taxed, nor required to be cleaned up. Nice work if you can get it.

      I did read that, bowing to the “optics,” Exxon will pay for the cleanup this time.

  3. I thought this was Bob's week joke review? No?

    “There has not been a final environmental impact statement yet so my support has been for the process,” Lynch said Friday. “If at the end of the day the environmental process indicates that this project should not be built because it is not safe, I will oppose it.”

    • Yes

      The “process” according to Lynch:

      “I’m for Keystone pipeline, I think we have the technology, we’ve had it since the 10th century B.C. to make oil run through a pipe,” Lynch said, adding, “I voted for it.” In 2011, a Republican-sponsored bill, including language supportive of the pipeline, directed Democratic President Barack Obama to make a decision on a presidential permit required for the pipeline and ensure that actions relating to the pipeline are taken on an expedited schedule. Lynch was one of 47 Democrats who supported it.

  4. Love This Post

    You report news (to me at least). And you work in several insightful “jokes”.

    But, recognizing Dot Ave as an important dividing line in Boston is what makes me love this post the most. Anyone who doubts the importance of the (extend it all the way north in your mind) Dot Ave line (and/or lives in some fictional world where they think Southie or Savin Hill have truly become progressive havens already) should look at the first map on this page:

    If you understand the Dot Ave line (and the general politics of West Roxbury), you’ve gone a long way towards understanding Boston politics.

    • That is one of the coolest maps

      I’ve ever seen!

      I’m not sure I really understand the politics of West Roxbury, though I have some family members who live there.

  5. Nice move from panderbear Lynch

    I cross-posted this to DailyKos, giving full credit to BMG and fenway49.

    We’re meeting in Milford tomorrow and Sunday for foot canvassing for Markey – we’ll be at the parking lot across from Draper Park, one block up Congress St from the Post Office, at 11 AM both days. Join us if you’re in the area – anyone else knocking on doors this weekend?

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