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This election is Tuesday, Sept. 10! If you're in the district, don't forget to vote. - promoted by david


Although I have written in before in response to questions, I wanted to take a minute to formally introduce myself ahead of this Tuesday’s special election for the 16th Worcester District against Tea Partier Carol Claros.

Before anything else though, thank you to the BMGers who have already come out to help me knock doors and make phone calls during the primary, and over the past few weeks. Your support has been invaluable.

Since I was born, the son of union parents – a carpenter and public school teacher – I’ve called the neighborhoods of the 16th District home. I grew up here, went to school at St. Mary’s, stayed in the district for college at Holy Cross, and recently moved into a small house next door to my parents. There is no place I’d rather live. And as a lifelong resident, I strongly believe that with thoughtful leadership, the 16th District’s best days lie ahead.

As I look around our District, I see a number of successes, including the Route 146 Gateway, Shine Pool and Vernon Hill Park, and continued funding for our neighborhoods. As a former staffer for Mayor Joe Petty and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray, I’ve had the privilege of working with many of the activists, and local, state, and federal officials that worked hard to see those projects through.

From those leaders, and from the thousands of residents I’ve talked to, I also know that we have challenges remaining: We need to quickly deal with the foreclosure crisis in order to stabilize our neighborhoods. Doing so will take a two-pronged approach of growing jobs, but also proactively going after banks to ensure that homeowners can remain in their homes, rather than leaving them empty.

I am a firm believer that we must stop pitting businesses against residents. We need to focus on growing the size of the economic pie, not arguing over who gets what piece. That means ensuring that new businesses can be created and existing ones can grow, so that all property owners – residential and commercial alike – pay less in taxes.

To grow those businesses, we need to focus on key projects like developing the Route 20 sewer infrastructure, which will turn that key corridor into an economic development hotzone for our city. Importantly, that would equate to more jobs for our residents.

Over the past four months, as I’ve knocked on doors across the 16th District and talked to voters, these are the things I hear most from them. We all want the same things for our families: safe streets, more jobs, good schools, and a District we can be proud of.

My parents-and growing up in this community-taught me from a young age the importance of standing up for equality and justice for all. I’m ready to fight for this neighborhood and those values from day one; I’m ready to work closely with city, state, and federal officials to make sure we get our fair share.

I know I have the skills, experience, and new ideas to hit the ground running, harness partnerships, bring about real change and realize the potential that exists in our neighborhoods.

This is my home. As the next State Representative, I pledge to work for our neighborhoods; to provide the support working families need to create better opportunities for their children; and to work collaboratively to find the best solutions to the challenges we all face.

If you live in the 16th District, I humbly ask for your vote. We can only achieve a better home with leadership committed to bringing everyone together, making sure every voice is heard and that every solution is considered.

If you don’t live in the district, I still need your support. We need volunteers this weekend, Monday, and Tuesday for GOTV and Election Day efforts. We have a strong grassroots campaign, but every body makes a big difference.

Either way, I’d like to hear from you. Feel free to contact me anytime on the issues that matter to you at




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  1. BMGer Here Supporting Dan - BMG Canvass and Happy Hour on Saturday

    I’ve been active in Dan’s campaign and he is a dedicated public servant and an indefatigable campaigner. I don’t often work with candidates who are working as hard as I think he or she should be working. Dan is one of those who meets my standard.

    There will be a BMG Canvass for Dan immediately following the DSC meeting on Saturday in Worcester. The DSC meeting begins at 11 AM at North High, 150 Harrington Street, Worcester. After the meeting adjourns we’ll start canvassing. You can knock on doors or make phone calls. Walk routes will be designed so that they can be finished in about an hour. After, join fellow volunteers at City Lights Restaurant & Pub, 395 Grafton St Worcester. Please RSVP to or 774-230-8519. Learn more about Dan Donahue . IBMGers canvassing include me, Dem Party Chair John Walsh and Dan Donahue. Sponsors for this canvass include the DSC and the Massachusetts Young Dems.

  2. Rootedness.

    The way you single out your rootedness in the title of your post I expected to find that your opponent blew in from some distant land. Scott Brown pushed this same schtick during his campaign. Liz Warren? She’s a carpetbagger from Oklahoma! Only lived here a mere 20 years or so! And much like that, I find nothing in Carol Claros’ bio to suggest that she is unrooted.

    Carol Claros has lived in Worcester for the past 17 years. She is a devoted single mom who is raising her daughter in our city.

    Carol is a graduate of Worcester’s North High School and received her certification as an LPN from Montachusett Regional Vocational Tech in Fitchburg.

    Professionally, Carol is a nurse at MCI-Concord Correctional Facility. Previously, she worked at Worcester’s Adcare Hospital helping people recover from drug addiction.

    I have a few questions related to your bio. Why did you yourself never attend public schools? Your website bio says you do not have kids yet, but when you do, do you plan to send them to private or public school? What do you currently do for work or are you campaigning full time?

    • He said nothing about his opponent's roots.

      Many candidates introduce themselves as being from the area, but there is no need for you to infer anything about one’s opponent from that. Also your questions about schooling sound unnecessarily challenging. He can answer himself, but either his family wanted the Catholic education or the public system left something to be desired, and I don’t think he needs to answer about non-existent kids.

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