Election day is TODAY! (Updated: Jason Lewis wins!)

Another notch in the collective belt of BMGers. Congratulations Jason Lewis! -Bob

Also, congratulations to Rep.-elect John Velis, who picked up a seat for the Dems by beating GOPer Dan Allie in Westfield. - promoted by david

If you live in the Fifth Middlesex Senate district (a/k/a Stoneham, Malden, Melrose, Wakefield, Reading, part of Winchester), or in the Fourth Hampden House district (a/k/a Westfield), or in the 16th Suffolk House district (a/k/a Chelsea/Revere) your contested general election is today!  There are also uncontested generals tomorrow in the 13th Suffolk (Dan Hunt will replace Marty Walsh) and in the 2nd Suffolk (Dan Ryan will replace Gene O’Flaherty).

Also today is the five-way primary to replace expelled ex-Rep. Carlos Henriquez in Boston’s 5th Suffolk district.  There are no Republican candidates, so the winner of the primary will win the general election on April 29.

Don’t forget to vote!


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  1. no contest in my town's election for Beacon Hill lawmakers

    I am voting today, but only in my town’s municipal elections, which have no contests for Beacon Hill representatives nor senators. For Selectwoman, I will definitely vote for Cheryl Tully Stoll, whose business background Danielle Ameden did a report on. Stoll is my fellow Town Committee Democrat. Stoll is one of four serious candidates (One other claims to be young, but does not look convincing, nor have any neighbors visibly supported him by lawn sign, fat checks, bumper sticker, painted van or other means.) for two Select(wo)men slots. I bet today four dollars (No April Fools’ Joke) that at least one of the two Board of Selectmen-elect will be a woman. Already, one candidate woman is a running incumbent. I am impressed, too, with Doug Freeman’s campaign, but Stoll and her husband Ed are inspiring town figures even in tough times such as when we were mourning the casualties of our Boston Marathon. Stoll and I had our Democratic Town Committee host many of today’s candidates in our formal limited-parking meetings in our Framingham Green. James Stockless had done visibility for Senator Warren, and is running today for School Committee.

  2. Lewis Wins

    Margin was 7%. No more details available yet

  3. Thank you Jason Lewis!

    We all thank Jason Lewis for saving us from the specter of a radical tea party state senator. But beyond that, Jason Lewis may provide forward-looking progressive leadership for the Commonwealth. Congratulations to Jason Lewis from an Anthony Guardia supporter!

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