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Bernie Sanders Opposes Question 2

This summer I mentioned that I was surprised that Bernie Sanders hadn’t opposed Question 2. After all, the question is quintessence of corporate overreach. I’m happy to report that Senator Sanders has waded into Massachusetts politics and formally opposed Question 2. –Mark Here’s the press release: Sanders Stands Up for Public Schools in Massachusetts October 31, 2016 Michael Briggs (802) 233-8653 BURLINGTON, Vt. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont called Monday for the defeat of a Massachusetts ballot initiative backed by Wall Street that would drain taxpayer dollars from public schools and allow12 new or expanded charter schools per year. Hedge fund managers and other backers of Question 2 have funneled millions of dollars into television advertising on one of the most expensive ballot initiatives this year. “Wall Street must not be allowed to hijack public education in Massachusetts. We must defeat Massachusetts Ballot Question 2. This is Wall Street’s attempt to line their own pockets while draining resources away from public education at the expense of low-income, special education students and English language learners,” Sanders said. Charter schools in Massachusetts already siphon $450 million away from public education. The hedge funds and corporate backers of Question 2 would […]

To support the Red Owl Legal Collective at Standing Rock use this link

To support the Red Owl Legal Collective at Standing Rock, North Dakota at their request please use: to me https://fundrazr.com/11B5z8?ref=ab_0634x9 Red Owl Legal Collective – Please donate! The Red Owl Legal Collective is the nonprofit legal organization on-site at the #NoDAPL resistance camps. We work with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) to coordinate criminal and civil litigation, serving the #NoDAPL water protectors. fundrazr.com

The Last Word on Question #2

A friend of mine who tends to vote Republican and sometimes for the Democrat posted this on social media.  I think it is brilliant and speaks directly to the heart of the matter and where the fault lies.   He wrote:   “I just watched a commercial where Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker was advocating for charter schools. “What if your child was going to a failing school” he asked. The real question Mr. Governor is why are the schools in YOUR STATE failing?”

Good Golly, Miss Molly!

This morning as I read a post by the venerable state Senator Patricia Jehlen http://bluemassgroup.com/2016/10/a-better-charter-bill/, I was reminded of another brilliant woman from Texas, Molly Ivins.  It has been nearly ten years since her passing and boy ‘o boy do I miss that gal! Imagine with me for a few moments what raucous remarks she would have had for The Donald!  She once said about “Dub ya,” “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” -Molly Ivins And, damn if we are not still paying for that mistake! Onto this year’s political fiasco/mess POTUS campaign; Donald and Hillary as the major party candidates for POTUS.  Yes, it has been worse than I imagined and I did not see a bright campaign season when the nominees began to be whittled to this pair. WWMS – What Would Molly Say? I imagine that she would paint him for the pimp that he is and make it really satirically clear that he is really bad for America and the survival of the species.  His narcissism, sexism, racism and appeal to the disgruntled deplorables are easy-peasy pick in’s for a wit like hers.  Hillary would likely […]

Request: Support the activists at Standing Rock by pushing for more journalists and media coverage

One of the requests from Standing Rock is that we contact our local “main stream media” and that we request that they send journalists and fully report on the events in Morton County, North Dakota where Standing Rock is located, and when we comment on the failure by media to fully and courageously cover these events, use the hashtag #mediawhiteout which really does get noticed and does build pressure. Every newspaper and radio station these days does have a website, most have facebook pages, and the algorithm counts these hashtags. Note that the Morton County Sheriff’s Department also has a facebook page. It is the times in which we live that facilitates such communications. You can all do this from your living rooms or cell phones! In Massachusetts this is simplified by the following website that in fact lists almost all media outlets and their internet presence: http://www.masshome.com/

FORUM 11/1/16 showcasing the three candidates for the Chair of the Democratic Party in Massachusetts

FORUM SHOWCASING THE THREE CANDIDATES FOR CHAIR OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IN MASSACHUSETTS: For those interested in activism within the Democratic Party after the current hideous election cycle, there may be no more important event than this one in Massachusetts. When there is a non Democrat holding the Governorship especially, the party Chair, in our very hierarchichal state really does set the tone and the agenda. While I personally have a conflicting commitment such that it is unlikely I will attend this event, others may choose to do so – and may not otherwise have heard about this event: Senator Tom McGee will be stepping down as Chair of DSC after the November election, and there are three candidates currently seeking the Chair, DNC Member Gus Bickford, former candidate for Lt. Governor Steve Kerrigan, and Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins. There will be forum next week in Concord hosted by the Concord Democrats and the Third Middlesex Area Democrats to hear from all three candidates. Tuesday, November 1, 7:00 pm Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, West Concord All Democrats are welcome. Best, Bob Peters As an aside, many thanks to Bob Peters for organizing this event, making it […]

Comey Broke Policy to Smear Hillary Clinton and Must Resign

FBI Director James Comey hasn’t even gotten a warrant to read the possibly-related-to-Hillary-possibly-not emails in question, yet he’s already gone running to Congressional Republicans to talk about them. Comey’s actions directly contradicted Justice Department policy and the advice of his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Hillary Clinton has done exactly the right thing by calling for the FBI to correct Comey’s screw-up by immediately release everything it knows. Guilty people don’t do that! But the rest of us need to go a step further. Can you imagine if a Democratic president’s FBI director did this to the Republican presidential candidate only 11 days before the election? The Republican candidate would be calling for the FBI director’s immediate resignation, and that’s exactly what Democrats should be doing today. Some journalists are trying to claim Comey had no good choice here – that Democrats are mad he told Republicans about emails he hasn’t read yet, but that Republicans would’ve been mad if he’d stayed quiet. This is totally false. Comey had policy to guide him: Don’t discuss cases in public. Comey chose to break that policy 11 days before an election with information he knew his fellow Republicans would use for partisan political purposes against […]

Boston Archdiocese Determined to Destroy Itself

To paraphrase Matthew Murray’s eloquent post elsewhere, instead of using an additional $850,000 to house or feed the homeless, educate our young, or reduce violence, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston would prefer to intercede in a referendum to prevent adults from finally being able to make their own choices with regard to cannabis. Incredible: http://dlvr.it/MY6dDF Is the Catholic Church determined to make itself as irrelevant politically here as it already is in Montreal and much of Europe? What on earth does this issue have to do with theology?

Is Judge Wolf A Saint, Sinner, or Jusr Plain Ole Dick? Just Wondering – President Kaine in ’18?

Is his plan to force the Bureau of Prisons to petition for more releases? Enforce the Sal standard and demand the bureau release all those harmless souls who meet the standard. Or is Wolfe trying to find a loophole to keep Sal in prison for the full eight years and give a wink wink nod nod to the prison masochists  to keep on keepin’ on? I don’t think a person can be denied rights and privileges on the grounds that although the burden is met the petition must be denied because people the judge does not like advocated on behalf defendant: politically connected or not. I also don’t believe the some rights and privileges cannot be denied because the moving party (Bureau of Prisons) doesn’t make the request too often.  I’ve yet to see either as legal standard. Let’s be clear on one thing. The only reason Carmen Ortiz filed the petition is because she doesn’t want to be blamed if Sal dies while in the can. That’s icing on the cake she doesn’t need. Wolfe doesn’t give a shit one way or another. Only difference between the two. Both believe Beacon Hill pols as scum of the earth and […]


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