Steve King, Horrible Person

Not much to say here, I just feel the need to write it down.

Make sure you check out the Twitter screen caps here, particularly the last one.

And King himself refused to back away from the tweet. On CNN Monday morning, King said, “I meant exactly what I said,” and that he’d “like to see an America that’s just so homogeneous that we look a lot the same, from that perspective.”

Just an isolated case, some may say. We’ll see.


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  1. And yes, he has an opponent

    I can’t recall her name at the moment.

  2. How are the site updates coming?

    It makes me feel tacky, commenting on my own posts.

    • I've started to think of those first comments...

      …as “tip jars” a la Daily Kos. I actually found it helpful on a recent diary of EBIII’s when he used his comment to praise himself as he does. Since there is no way to derecommend diaries I settled for downrating that first comment. That said, I too am getting impatient for direct user posting to return.

    • Now that you mention it

      This website is far and away the worst technically that I’ve ever encountered anywhere on the internet. I understand that it may be a labor of love but still.
      Besides the ongoing and persistent problems of the last three months, this site has always been buggy. I never know what will happen when I click to upgrade, or comment.
      Sorry to post off topic here, but I tried sending an email at the address provided and it came back undeliverable.

      • Happy to switch topics

        It is March, and the hack goes back to January, if memory serves.

        I wouldn’t say worst I’ve ever encountered, but it is buggy at times.

  3. And speaking of horrible people

    Tucker Carlson.

    Why is he on TV?

    • I'm glad he is

      Nothing epitomizes the hypocrisy of conservative white male resentment more than a bow tie wearing Trinity College drop out who’s mom got him his first media job and who brags about how elitist and out of touch all his neighbors are-yet those are the neighbors he pays what would be a fortune for most Americans -to have. He’s my upper class twit of the year. Rachel Maddox is also kicking his ass in his time slot-which must really gall him since he was the first person to put her on TV back when he was an “MSNBC conservative” Bush skeptic.

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