Fiscal Responsibility Promise #1 for Democrats, if we ever get the White House back…..

I don’t know how much it costs each time the president hangs out at Mar-a-Lago or how much it is costing us to keep his penthouse bride and son comfortable in the Big Apple, but one thing is for sure: this crap has to stop. What’s worse, Trump did not start it.  Sure, he has brought it to a whole new level, but again, he did not start it.   As I recall, President Obama and President Clinton much preferred schmoozing with the wealthy sort on Martha’s Vineyard over the working class charm of Camp David.   So before we Democrats start to whine about Trump’s house, we have to do some housekeeping ourselves.

The presidency is a job.  It has a salary, an expense account, and living quarters included.  In addition, it has a vacation retreat for the president and the family of the president to enjoy.  These accommodations are specifically designed to minimize the cost of protecting the president as well as providing the best possible protection.  The people have paid for these facilities and we continue to pay for their daily upkeep.

If the president or the members of the president’s immediate family wants to live elsewhere, that should not be the financial responsibility of the taxpayer.  Furthermore, if the president wants a vacation and wants to spend it somewhere other than Camp David, again, that should not be the responsibility of the taxpayer.   I suppose we could and probably should make an exception if the president wanted to stay at one of our national parks.

Really, fellow Democrats, we need to do this once we regain the presidency.  Anything else is simply wrong, and will result in further losses, more Trumps, and do we really want that?


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  1. why wait

    If ever there was a winner of an idea that is it. If you can find a politician of either party brave enough to bring it up you will see a groundswell of support. Combine that with a “no pensions for politicians” (they can use 401k’s like everyone else) and you will have a landslide.

  2. Geez

    Most other jobs that dictate where you must be, every minute of every hour of every day for four years straight require a conviction by a jury of your peers.

  3. This is not "most jobs" territory

    Wherever the president goes, the Secret Service must go. If the president travels on public roads, the president does so in an armored vehicle that contains a supply of blood for the president, a mechanic, and so on.

    We are currently paying Trump’s company millions and millions of dollars each time he decides to not stay in the houses that we built for the president.

    • I would have no problem with requiring reimbursement

      And I believe Trump has stated he would do so. He has already turned over his first quarter salary to the National Parks Service as well.
      As long as it is consistent from administration to administration. I have always thought the vacation complaints bogus, regardless of the party of the President. But what does bug me is the criticism of Mrs. Trump staying with her son until the end of the school year. Mrs. Obama did the same thing with her girls – they attended school in Chicago from inauguration to June, when they moved to the private school in Washington. She had her mother giving care and she went back and forth (I think?). But there were Secret Service charges attached to that decision as well. One was a good mother, one was a greedy slut.

      Easiest solution would be to dick the president’s quarterly salary for associated costs.

  4. Maybe it should be capped.

    I don’t want to tell First Families where they can and cannot vacation, but maybe the expenses can be limited by law. There’s always going to be a grey area when business and pleasure are combined and don’t forget, you’re never not the President. You can’t take an actual vacation where you leave all your cares (and devices) behind. I don’t think that’s what the 25th amendment is for either.

    • No one tells me where I can vacation

      and no one fells you. However, if we, by our own free will, seek and reach the office of the presidency, we need to know there will be limits on what we can do. Did you know that the president and vice president cannot drive a car on public roads? Vice President Biden is a “car guy” and was unable to drive his Corvette for eight years!

      So, sure, if the president wants to take a vacation at Mar-a-Lago, or Martha’s Vineyard, the president needs to pay any expense over and above what it would have cost if that vacation was at Camp David.

      They are free to do so, just pay for it, same as you and me.

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