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Massachusetts Needs Sunshine—And Not Just Outside

Apparently, Bill Galvin of all people is considering putting a question on the ballot that would modernize the public records law in some respects. Great idea. Hopefully, the proposal will end the ridiculous exclusion of the legislature from the law's purview. - promoted by david

Boston Police Have a Racially Biased Policing Problem, and a Golden Opportunity to Reform

How NOT to honor veterans this Veterans Day

Massachusetts is not immune to voter suppression

Howard Zinn: (A) anti-war activist and historian or (B) extremist?

What a waste of taxpayer money. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Drug lab scandal an opportunity to get smart on safety

Governor Patrick’s “Profiles in Courage” moment

Why is the Mass GOP attacking Harry Belafonte?

I'd think that the Mass. GOP's modest resources would be better directed to explaining why Scott Brown deserves reelection, rather than why Elizabeth Warren is an America-hating baby-eating radical. But who can argue with the Mass. GOP's incredible record of success in recent years? Oh wait... - promoted by david

DADT in Massachusetts

How easy is it for local cops to get your mobile phone data? The ACLU aims to find out.