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EMILY’s List’s Dirty Trick

The key point here is that Senator Warren has NOT endorsed any candidate in this primary. So these are pretty questionable tactics from EMILY's List. Clark would be well-advised to distance herself from this immediately. - promoted by david

Wrench in Kayyem’s campaign – 1st Cir. Nomination for Husband

I can't see how this hurts Kayyem. It is probably good for her insofar as it will increase publicity around her name. One might feel sorry for her husband: trading teaching at Harvard for being a judge, but that is his decision. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Carl Sciortino’s Perfect Ad

A very clever ad. Per YouTube, the views are now over 60,000. - promoted by david

CD-5 Candidates on Action in Syria

Jerome Hall-Brewster – Boston’s Finest

Interesting. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Joe Kennedy III Supports Continued Funding of Domestic NSA Spying

Maybe he wants to see some of the files of the intelligence services in return? - promoted by Bob_Neer

Lynch and the DOMA brief – what is going on?

A very odd story... - promoted by david

Another special!?!?! Marty Walz to leave post.

Any awesome progressives out there to replace her? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Globe poll – race tied?

The Globe poll (which, it should be noted, shows an exact 47-47 tie when leaners are included) does seem a few points out of step with others taken recently - but all of them are pretty close when you consider the margins of error we're dealing with, usually around 4 points either way. This remains a very close race, even though analysts like Rasmussen and the WaPo have, I think correctly, given Warren a slight edge in recent weeks. That said, it strikes me as a bit absurd to think that Obama is favored by only 52% of MA voters. - promoted by david

Marzilli gets 3 months…but why?

(Since the Wisconsin unions have already agreed to all of the state's contract demands, there is no economic reason for the continued intransigence by Republicans. - promoted by Bob Neer)

- promoted by Bob_Neer