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Baker’s Medicaid Pick – Huh?

The Medicaid pick seems ... extraordinary. It requires an extraordinary explanation. Smart Harvard kid + a few years doing consulting is really not an adequate resume, so tell us more. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Capuano’s Gubernatorial Endorsement

Marian Ryan for District Attorney

Ryan has a lot of explaining to do with respect to the Remy report. - promoted by david

New Ads from Coakley and Berwick

Less than a month from primary day, we can anticipate the ad wars quickly gaining steam. - promoted by david

#IceBucketChallenge Tally

Awesome! BMGers, were are you? BMG editors, dare I ask? Hmm. Might have to pull some bottles out of my ice bucket. - promoted by Bob_Neer

SuperPAC Ad Fight in Governor’s Race

Grossman TV Ad

Yeah, I agree with this assessment. - promoted by david

Coakley Facebook Fail

EMILY’s List’s Dirty Trick

The key point here is that Senator Warren has NOT endorsed any candidate in this primary. So these are pretty questionable tactics from EMILY's List. Clark would be well-advised to distance herself from this immediately. - promoted by david

Wrench in Kayyem’s campaign – 1st Cir. Nomination for Husband

I can't see how this hurts Kayyem. It is probably good for her insofar as it will increase publicity around her name. One might feel sorry for her husband: trading teaching at Harvard for being a judge, but that is his decision. - promoted by Bob_Neer