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MA Food Plan

Notes on How People Think About Climate Change

Zero Emissions Economy to Reversing Global Warming

Thanks so much for uh, giving us the dirt, gmoke. "Soil scientist Rattan Lal believes that increasing soil carbon on agricultural lands globally could reverse climate change within a decade or two." WAT - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

The Current Cost of Carbon

Report of the MIT Climate Change Conversation

MIT and Cambridge have a hell of a lot to lose from rising sea levels. They have a lot to offer in the fight against climate change. From the Executive Summary:
Humanity has a limited window of opportunity to avert the most catastrophic risks of climate change. The global and holistic nature of the climate change threat, which affects all nations and requires combined progress on technology, policy, behavioral shifts and beyond, makes it society’s grandest challenge of the present day, possibly of all time. Finding solutions to society’s biggest problems is in MIT’s DNA and is central to its values. The time has come for MIT to play a prominent, visible part in the action and solutions needed to confront the climate challenge. Perils ahead dwarf risks to the Institute in navigating this politically charged issue, such that even exceptional measures should not be eschewed. We call upon the Institute to rise to confront what may prove to be the greatest threat to current and future generations. This report lays out suggestions for a set of actions to move the Institute in this direction.
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UMass Sustainable Food and Farming Certificate Program

5/12 at the State House: Technology Day and Energy Hearing

Recycled Solar: Double-Glazed Solar Hot Cap Cloche

Harvard Business School’s Oldest Alumni Propose a New Climate Project

Energiewende: Germany’s Energy Transition