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Historians Speak Out on Trump

US Atty Carmen Ortiz FINALLY called out by Huffington Post on Self-Serving, Off-Base Indictments

Is the modus operandi of our U.S. Attorney starting to wear thin? - promoted by hesterprynne


A splendid BMGer, who will indeed be very missed. -Bob
Bumped, for Striker. - promoted by david

Herald Endorses Moulton for Congress against Tierney

Time to kill 15% Rule before it kills the Dem Party…

An even more provocative suggestion from the author, in the comments: "Eliminating the convention altogether and putting that money toward local party-building efforts would be money better spent." Has the convention outlived its usefulness?

As I've stated previously, I don't particularly like the 15% rule, and would favor dropping it if the primary were moved to earlier in the year. On the other hand, I see the value of candidates proving some ability to create an energized grassroots organization early in the process. I just wish there were a way to do that without also seeming anti-democratic, and that's how the rule seems to me. - promoted by david

Bring Sal DiMasi Home

The Brockton Enterprise gets it right: "He should be punished for his crimes. But how much is too much?" - promoted by david

Good luck, Mayor Rivera!

The Fat Lady Is Finally Singing in Lawrence…The Show’s Finally Over For Willie.

This is indeed looking like a done deal. Congratulations to Mayor-elect and - crucially - BMGer Dan Rivera! :) - promoted by david

Warren Tolman, where for art thou?

Coakley Investigation Ends. Murray Responds.

Worth discussing ... - promoted by Bob_Neer