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Grand Jury was given incorrect instructions and it was never adequately corrected

AIG, JPMORGAN CHASE etc. TV commercials

Does Elizabeth Warren actually want to win or just teach us her views?

To be fair, I think Warren's ads have indeed mentioned Sen. Brown. But I "locallady" is not the only one making these points these days. Being just a few points down, I'm quite sure the campaign is listening to a lot of unsolicited advice; It's hard to know what's valuable, and then what you can actually implement in a coherent way.

What I would like to see: 1.) Yes, more contrast, as this poster says; and 2.) More vision of what precisely a Senator Warren would try to get done. We on the left feel that her heart's in the right place, but the contrasts with Brown will be starker, and her campaign more vivid and optimistic, with distinct proposals to flesh out the vision. It's a risk, but a sensible and good one, IMO. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta