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Education: Massachusetts Throwing Away Money

Maura Healey for AG

Progressive Mass has already endorsed Don Berwick for Governor. - promoted by david

Announcing our Attorney General Race Endorsement Vote

More grassroots activism = better. - promoted by david

Progressive Mass Endorses Don Berwick for Governor

Thanks for posting here! - promoted by david

Video from our Governor Candidates Forum at the 2nd Policy Conference (April 2014)

Video on the flip! - promoted by david

Time for Big Goals

Progressive Mass lays out its agenda. - promoted by Bob_Neer

JP Progressives React to the Ayanna Pressley News

Really Michelle??

An interesting issue, and an interesting discussion occurs in the comments. Personally, I'd be less than psyched to see Linehan as City Council President, but then again, it may be that Wu thinks she can build some capital with him now by supporting him for a largely (though not entirely) symbolic job in exchange for something substantive from him down the road. - promoted by david

What Questions Really Matter in the Boston Mayor’s Race?

Slippery Slope – Today – Photo ID for Food Stamps; Tomorrow – Photo ID to Vote