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Krugman Declares Bankruptcy

Business Insider has the report - including screenshots - of how this item, which originated at the obviously satirical Daily Currant (other current headlines: "Hugo Chavez will remain president of Venezuela," "Outrage mounts over Girls Gone Wild North Korea video," "Catholic Church blasted for lack of Jewish Popes," "Bob Woodward claims Amtrak chief trying to kill him," and "Pope Benedict Comes Out as Gay"), migrated to, and thence to Breitbart.

It appears that the page, which is where the fake Krugman story showed up, is some sort of financial news aggregator, and it's unclear to me whether or what extent the page is curated. Nonetheless, clearly was pwned in this case, and they ought to put measures in place to avoid similar embarrassment in the future. - promoted by david

Romney Should Have Won!

Paul Ryan!

A Query

Here's another question, even more important: Does the Globe see fit to publish verifiable falsehoods on its Op-Ed pages? For instance, the one in which Sununu claimed "global temperatures have been flat since 1998", a blatantly cherry-picked stat, to wit:

Source and Background via RealClimate.

Shall we have folks who believe in a flat earth, or phlogiston, or who think the Queen of England still rules the UK -- you know, for balance? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Go Sean, Go!

“Oh, the Inanity!”

Too Little, Too, Nate

The Sense of an Ending

Advance, RomneyCare!

(This is the referenced article in the Globe. What do you think: a job for the A.G.? Perhaps, for good measure, a companion lawsuit against the N.R.A. as a criminal conspiracy? Or is a better approach, as proposed by some South Dakota legislators, that every adult should be required to own a gun. - promoted by Bob Neer)

- promoted by Bob_Neer