Terms of use

BMG Media Empire, LLC publishes Blue Mass Group (BMG) under the terms of a Creative Commons License, the details of which you can view at this link.  You are free to copy, share, and distribute content published on BMG, subject to the following conditions:

  • you must indicate that BMG is the original source of the content;
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  • you may not transform or alter the content without permission of the copyright holder.

When you post content at BMG, you retain the original copyright to the content, but you grant BMG Media Empire, LLC a permanent, nonexclusive license that allows us to publish the content on BMG and elsewhere, in the sole discretion of the publishers.  In the event that we choose to republish content originally posted at BMG in another form (for example, in a collection of works originally posted at BMG), we agree to credit you by associating your BMG user name with the content.

Questions regarding these terms should be directed to the publishers.