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Day April 19, 2008

Happy Patriot’s Day Weekend

Cross Posted at Red Mass Group From Mike Allen at Politico.com, a particularly appropriate reminder about the state of patriotism in the US – One year ago today, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters: “[T]his war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything.” The traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper (books, etc.), but the modern gift is clocks. Senators always find both useful.  

What John Edwards said in Cambridge Mass today about his delegates, super delegates & more

First, you can hear the speech yourself and see if my comments are accurate.  Go to: http://www.necn.com/Boston/Pol… Edwards stated that HIS delegates are free to vote their conscience, and he will NOT be telling them what to do – and that he expects superdelegates to do likewise. Edwards stated that the next president must deal with poverty, with third world development, and with global warming.  He also made clear yet again that he was NOT interested in Vice President as an option. He made clear he was not planning to endorse either Hilary Clinton OR Barack Obama – but that BOTH had pledged to him that addressing poverty issues would be a priority. He also said that the sooner the race is decided, the better for the Democratic Party.  There, gentle readers, did I report accurately?

Lowell Netroots Meeting Wrap Up

(Posted at LiL too.)

I want to thank everyone who made the trek to Lowell for today’s gathering, and hope everyone had a good time, and that you felt it was productive.

I also want to extend gratitude to Governor Patrick’s Chief of Staff Doug Rubin and DSC Chair John Walsh for participating, and to Rep. Jamie Eldridge and DSC member Kate Donaghue as well.

I Have No Time.. I Do have a Life. But.. – With Poll

I really wanted to do a fake live blog from Lynne’s party. The jokes write themselves. I did leave a quick poll

ABC Plants Its Flag

Sadly, we already used the hysterical Eddie Izzard “Flag” routine video recently, in another post.

And there was a great video up, briefly, yesterday, called “In Memoriam – George Stephanopoulos”, mocking the diminutive politico/news reader and, as we described him the other day, the “former staff member of the husband of one of the participants in this so-called debate”, in the same production style as on his weekly Sunday morning thingy (it was “This video has been removed by the user.” which means either YouTube gave him shit, or ABC gave him shit … Likely, both).