New Suffolk poll: Loscocco-gate bad news for Baker as his unfavorable ratings soar

Charley beat me to the punch, but I want to elaborate a bit on the new Suffolk poll, which is impossible to see as anything but very good news for Governor Patrick.  As Charley has reported, the horserace numbers are good: at 7 points, Patrick’s lead remains stable, and even a bit larger than most recent polls had been showing.  Perhaps even more crucially, though, the fav/unfav numbers now apparently favor the Governor:

Both Cahill and Baker are polling higher negatives than positives. Not so for Patrick, who has a 46 percent favorability rating, compared to 43 percent who view him unfavorably.

That’s a remarkable turnaround, and I believe the first time that Baker’s unfav rating has exceeded his fav.

And it appears that much of my Loscocco-gate prediction has turned out to be basically right:

Cahill’s former aides and ex-running mate Paul Loscocco – who left the campaign to endorse Baker – ended up doing more harm than good. The move hurt not just Cahill, the state treasurer and independent challenger, but Baker as well, with 17 percent of voters saying the debacle made them less likely to support Baker.

And perhaps even more importantly,

The episode did little to boost confidence in Baker’s leadership, with twice as many voters saying Patrick has the best temperament to be governor – and 38 percent saying he has run the best campaign.

I’m also struck by quotes from two local pundits who are not generally thought to be great friends of Deval:

“Whether they like Deval Patrick or not, people are still saying he’s run the best campaign and he has the best temperament to be governor,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk University Political Research Center. “He’s on the goal line. But he hasn’t gotten the touchdown yet.” …

“Tim Cahill is toast, and Charlie Baker is getting burned by his manner and message,” said 7News political editor Andy Hiller, who added Patrick is like the “Mona Lisa” with his “serene smile” as the other two go for the jugular.

Finally, in another bit of good news for Patrick, Jill Stein is predictably becoming a non-factor, polling at only 1% this time (down from 4% last time).  

So, bottom line: obviously the race is still pretty close, so no victory laps allowed.  But this poll should be a huge shot in the arm for Deval backers.  Work hard for the next three weeks, and we can win this thing.



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  1. No one get complacent

    Things could change in a heart beat -- but we have to like where we are... If we keep fighting tooth and nails, then we'll win it.  

  2. someone needs to explain the ...

    "break the plane" rule to Paleologos.

    So, if I'm understanding the poll, it's:

    Baker - Slime ball Cahill - Slime ball Patrick - Best person to lead the state

    But obviously, we're talking to people about the last thing.  Patrick is staying on message (and talking about his record) and people are agreeing with him.

  3. I will keep fighting for shizzle

    but, how did we miss the big scoop of the day?

    Jack Connors telling Joan Vennochi how Charlie Baker asked him to donate $100k for the RGA, which ran all the attack ads.  Thus, Charlie can't claim to be arms length from the RGA slimeball ads.

    Listen, I am waiting for three weeks of the most brutal, vicious anti-Deval ads ever.  If the electorate won't like Charlie they will have to hate Deval.  

    Thus, a-knocking I will go.

    • sounds like a good post ...

      Charlie Baker is personally soliciting donations for the RGA.  Then walks away from attack ads from the RGA?

      What is so damning here is that Jack Connors confirmed that Baker personally called him for the RGA and asked if he could fundraise $100,000 for the RGA.  Vennochi got a confirmation, it's not just a statement from Cahill.

      Don't know if that's a legal problem, but it's a problem.  He already has credibility problems, this is not going to help.

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