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Day December 4, 2012

Progressive ideas and priorities for this coming session

With a new legislative session coming up, bills are being written and legislators are forming their goals for the next year, at this very moment. That means now is a good time to talk with your state legislators, but it’s also a good time for BMG to come together and express our goals and ideas for the next year. Let’s make that a homework assignment. What one or two things do you want to see done this coming year? It could be big or small, broad or specific, personal or general, on any issue you want to see addressed. The more kinds of responses people write, the better. If enough people contribute our priorities and ideas, maybe — just maybe — we can make a small difference, and some of our elected officials will listen. Once you write your comment, let’s give everyone their space to write what they want and leave replies to comments to answer questions or for legislators, staffers or other state workers to respond, if they’re doing something to work on it. If there’s anything unique about BMG, it’s all our myriad perspectives and incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable people we have contributing here. Let’s use that […]

Elizabeth Warren gets Banking Committee spot

Numerous sources are telling numerous news outlets (HuffPo apparently had it first) that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will name Elizabeth Warren to the Senate Banking Committee.  Needless to say, this is excellent, excellent news, for a couple of related reasons.  First, it’s an obvious fit.  Warren has a lot of expertise in the subject matter with which that committee deals, and it makes perfect sense to assign new Senators to committees where their pre-Senate experience will be useful.  Second, it shows that Harry Reid is willing to make some waves and irk powerful interests.  There were lots of reports over the last couple of weeks that banking industry lobbyists were trying every trick in their books to keep Warren off the committee.  They didn’t work. Third, it promises some truly superb committee hearings, if past experience is any guide.  Pass the popcorn.  :)

Warren get Banking Committee: Huffpost / TPM

    Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will serve on the Senate Banking Committee, four sources tell the Huffington Post.

MBTA Funding:The Opportunity Moment is Now

We are on the threshold of the “adult conversation” that is required to enact a long term, fair and sustainable resolution to our chronic transportation funding issues.  I have long advocated an approach that generates transportation revenue from transportation sources, rather than the income tax or sales tax.  I have also advocated an approach that levels the playing field among modes, and that taps into advances in technology that enable the implementation of pure user fee systems. Those who care deeply about public transportation, and the need to bring funding equity to all non-vehicular modes (transit, bike and ped) need to adopt informed, politically viable and practical solutions. I have laid out a set of ideas and proposed solutions in a three part series now appearing in Commonwealth Magazine’s on-line Voices forum (see links attached).  I am grateful for the opportunity to offer this vision, and these solutions, which may help (in whole or in part) inform the debate. Jim Aloisi  

Greening the Grid (one meter at a time) – Viridian Energy

Full disclosure: 1.) I got the ok from the editors before writing this post, and 2.) I am an Independent Associate of Viridian Energy, my associate id is 30629. What does that mean? It means that, if you are a customer of National Grid or NStar here in Massachusetts, I’ll be able to walk you through the process of changing your current electrical supplier for your household and/or business electricity service to green power from Viridian Energy. I get to earn a small income that recurs every month when you pay your bill, and it grows with every new customer I add. But why should you switch to Viridian Energy? Those of you who know me know that I’ve been a sustainability and environmental advocate for years, and that I’m currently working in the solar power industry, selling residential and commercial scale solar power systems. See our web site here – email me for a free, no obligation site analysis by clicking here. I found out about Viridian Energy when my boss introduced me to the concept, which is dead simple: provide consumers with green electricity choices that exceed state requirements, and do so at competitive rates. This has the […]