Oh, Scott

Rachel Maddow picks up the Scott Brown butt-texting story. An intriguing sub-plot (“what has it got in its pocketses?” with Brown as a brave hobbit) from the comments on yesterday’s post by David:

A pocket full of meat?
IPhone screens are capacitive-touch technology, which means that they only respond to flesh, meat and similar. Unless Scotty had a pocket full of meat, there was no pocket dialing. [mannygoldstein @ Tue 19 Feb 4:35 PM]

Plums? Plums?
When did I buy plums? Hmm. [whosmindingdemint @ Tue 19 Feb 5:18 PM]

OK, perhaps a pocket full of plums…
But not fabric. [mannygoldstein @ Tue 19 Feb 8:04 PM]

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  1. Um

    are we in trouble?

  2. Really?

    Forget about the tweet that caused this kerfluffle to begin with. Does anyone think that a person who would do that and the other childish tweets before it, then make the excuse he just did is qualified to be governor of the Commonwealth? It’s one thing to be a legislator, but to be a chief executive of a major enterprise takes a lot more skill than Brown has shown, or even hinted he has.

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