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Call to Action: Remove Unapologetic Racist Karen O’Sullivan from the Bristol County DA’s Office

The linked article discusses calls for further investigation into this matter. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Call to Action: Support New Affordable Housing for Fairmount Station TODAY at Boston ZBA Hearing- City Hall room 801 at 10:30 AM!

FBI Agent who Shot Broomstick-Wielding Suspect Cleared by “Investigations”; Congressional Inquiry Needed

Ramblings from a Crackpot Science Fiction Fan’s Unpublished Novella

A lot true. There is nothing fanciful, exaggerated or dystopian about Gitmo or indiscriminate drone killings. More than anything, the Snowden case illustrates to my mind the farcical, ludicrously fattened corruption and self-dealing of the military-industrial complex. That no one can say what all this crap is for, and that some 29-year-old bro in Hawaii who doesn't even work for the government can get a hold of this stuff, while members of Congress can't even get a proper briefing ... It's comical, really. "National security" with its pants down.

So how do you begin to tear down this stupefying edifice? - promoted by Bob_Neer

What’s up with Elizabeth Warren and the Medical Device Tax?

HSBC and Bradley Manning: The Corrupt,Two-Faced Justice System

30% of Drone Attack Victims in Pakistan are Civilians-AP

Of course, on 9 March 1945 U.S. bombers incinerated Tokyo and killed more than 89,000 people in one night, far more than 30 percent of them civilians, according to the contemporary definition of the term. By that standard, drones are indeed a far more precise way of waging war. - promoted by Bob_Neer

24 Iraqi Civilians were Slaughtered by Bad Marines, Nobody Goes to Jail

Marine gets no jail time in killing of 24 Iraqi civilians

Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich takes responsibility for the slayings and expresses remorse to the victims' families during his sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to negligent dereliction of duty.
- promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Let’s Tim Murray Resign

Activist Stomped on by Rand Paul Supporter