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  1. what qualified person would be willing to replace Scott? (2 Replies)

    Anyone who could really make a difference at the MBTA isn’t going to take the job because they know they’ll be set up for failure. So we’ll just get someone who will keep the seat warm and rearrange the deck chairs and all the while tell us how wonderful things will be.

    At least Scott was willing to speak the plain truth.

  2. welcome to... Atlanta? (2 Replies)

    As opposed to shutting down completely tonight at 7pm….

    All MBTA rail services will be suspended at 7 p.m., according to MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo. This means no subway, trolleys or Commuter Rail trains will depart Boston after 7 p.m. Limited MBTA bus service will continue until the end of regular service hours, but customers are advised that connections to subway and Commuter Rail lines will not be available.

    The accumulating snow — a total of up to 36 fresh inches could be on the ground by the time the storm ends — is making it virtually impossible to keep rail lines operational, according to Pesaturo.

  3. who is feeling inferior? (2 Replies)

    In my experience, the people most comfortable in their own skins were those who never felt they needed to prove anything. The ones who needed to make a big show to “prove themselves” did so from a less confident position.

    Maybe those who think we have to put on an Olympic event are the ones with the “Boston inferior” complex.

  4. served != using (1 Reply)

    I think but I have not seen a tally of the populations that are immediately served by the T. We also need to acknowledge that there are people who live just outside of T-served communities but who drive a few miles into the service area to board the T. The T itself probably knows generally how many people might be so served.

    Just because an area is served by the T doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a ton of support for it out of that population. My town is on two commuter bus lines but is nearly as car-centric as the suburb of Detroit in which I grew up. So even though it is served by the MBTA, I’m sure you’d find plenty of folk who view T spending in the same way as someone in central or western MA.

  5. now moot (1 Reply)

    Parade postponed. Of course, who knows if they’ll get the schools open by Wednesday.

  6. priorities? (1 Reply)

    Apparently, Boston can clean the streets enough to have a parade tomorrow but not school. Yeah, I know they aren’t equivalent jobs, but it just seems out-of-whack to me.

  7. the rookie did his homework (0 Replies)

    it only turned against them because of Butler’s incredible instinct and perfect execution.

    And the fact that he paid attention during game prep.

    And credit Butler and the Patriots for doing their homework. They noticed the Seahawks came out in their three-receiver set, with Jermaine Kearse and Ricardo Lockette stacked on the right side.

    “In preparation I remembered the formation they were in — two receiver stack. I just knew they were running a pick route,” Butler said.

    Sure enough, Kearse ran a clear-out, and Lockette tried to run a quick slant underneath him. But Butler jumped the play perfectly and beat Lockette to the football, hauling in the interception and holding on for dear life.

  8. even Brady is not immune (0 Replies)

    One of the first things he said in the presser today was:

    Great game by our team, a lot of individual players who played phenomenal.

  9. technically... (3 Replies)

    … we’re Monday Morning Offensive-Coordinator-ing. If that’s a word. :)

    Speaking of words, and going way off on a tangent, has anyone else ever noticed that a lot of sports people (both players and announcers) have a hard time forming an adverb correctly (<- like that)? E.g., "We played physical". Must have missed the "Lolly Lolly Lolly" bit on Schoolhouse Rock.

  10. also disagree (0 Replies)

    Carroll’s explanation was:

    It’s not the right matchup for us to run the football so on second down we throw the ball, really to kind of waste that play. If we score, we do, if we don’t then we’ll run it on third and fourth down.

    If they were trying to waste a down with a pass play, the last place you want to throw that ball is into heavy traffic. A sideline high pass where only the receiver has a play on the ball would have made sense. It’s not that a pass play was a bad idea (especially given the defense on the field), it was just the wrong pass play to call.

  11. the bad news... (1 Reply)

    … is that you have to find a place to park that thing now, David.

  12. one edit (1 Reply)

    #1 should be 2003, not 2013, right?

  13. nah (0 Replies)

    Everybody hated the Cowboys when they were really good, especially after adopting the moniker “America’s Team”. If you are dominate for any amount of time, you get the haters.

  14. also (0 Replies)

    I think part of Christopher’s question hinted at why a handle vs. real-name. As I do on any forum, I lurked for a long time before posting to get an idea of the environment. At that time, most posters used handles so that was the way I went.

    The three and a half people who actually know me here can attest to the fact that my last name is a toughie (unless you are Polish – it’s actually quite common) so it’s probably better that I’m not using it. :)

  15. I was wondering the same thing (1 Reply)

    I’m not sure how much the condition of the ball matters, but if both teams are allowed to do whatever to the balls, there should be no advantage. Heck, let ‘em throw pizzas if they want. If there ARE rules, then the refs have to be in control of the balls.

    Either the stomv way or the hrs-kevin way would be fine w/ me.

    OTOH, neither deals with the much more serious issue of player concussions…

  16. regarding comptence (1 Reply)

    As I was relocating some snow outside my home just now, I was thinking that the planning for the venues so far has all of the rigor of some buddies and me sitting around drinking and contemplating, “Hey, if Boston had the Olympics, where would the events be staged?” Of course, we’d have an excuse for not actually checking things out: We wouldn’t be serious. What’s Boston 2024′s excuse?

  17. other stuff is slated to be built before 2024 on some sites (2 Replies)

    Beat me to this one, Rye…

    Equally jaw-dropping is that some properties identified for venues already have non-Olympic developments plans in the works.

    Corcoran Jennison Cos. owns several properties adjacent to the Bayside Exposition Center, which is owned by the University of Massachusetts and would be the center of the Athletes Village. The company owns the Bayside Office Center and the DoubleTree Hotel, which is slated for a $28 million expansion. It is also planning a $40 million residential complex. But Boston 2024 proposes using those properties for housing, a media staging area, or retail shops for competitors.

    “We were under the impression that [the Athletes Village] was only on the UMass Boston portion of the property,” said Michael Corcoran, an executive at the firm. “They haven’t contacted us, and we have no intention of slowing our projects.”

    Criterion Development Partners owns 25 Morrissey Blvd., which is included in some diagrams of the Athletes Village compound. The company is scheduled to begin construction Tuesday on a 278-unit, multimillion dollar apartment building on the property next door to the JFK/UMass T stop.

    The apartment building is scheduled to be occupied before Boston learns whether it will host the Games. Jack Englert, the company’s executive vice president, said Criterion Development has not been contacted by Boston 2024.

    “That patch of grass and parking lot on the [Olympic] map is our site, and we’re anxious to get in the ground,” said Englert. “We’re not going to postpone it until 2024. They may have to adjust their plan.”

    Emphasis mine.

  18. sure (2 Replies)

    It is what my Polish grandmothers called me. Correct pronunciation is “yah-shew” with the accent on the first syllable.

  19. any comment w/ Firesign gets an uprate (1 Reply)

    Although I pretty much would have uprated anyway…