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  1. you never know what someone will react to (1 Reply)

    This totally flew by me while watching, but apparently some folks in Pennsylvania liked it a lot.

    An issue that rarely—if ever—gets play during presidential elections might give Hillary Clinton a surprising leg-up in Pennsylvania.

    That’s what was indicated by feedback from a swing-voter focus group that Frank Luntz conducted during the debate. Attendees gave Clinton sky-high feedback during the debate when she criticized private prisons, and said afterward that it’s an important issue in their state. And, of course, that means the issue could help Clinton excite her supporters there and pick up some votes.

  2. not a game changer (0 Replies)

    I don’t think this moved the needle much – perhaps a bit in Clinton’s direction. No one who thinks Trump is unqualified was convinced otherwise, and a few on the fence may now go for Clinton. And she also solidified the female and Hispanic bases a bit.

    But those who just don’t trust Clinton didn’t get anything to change that (nor do I doubt anything short of divine intervention will change that). Guys I went to high school with who took decent blue collar jobs and didn’t go to college didn’t get anything from Clinton to dissuade them from the “whole system is broken” mode of thinking.

    If image embeds works, this is my favorite meme from the debate. If not, you can see it at this link.

    Lloyd Bridges / Hillary Clinton

  3. problem with the question (1 Reply)

    I, like probably a lot of other people, was taught to criticize people’s actions, not the person themselves (especially important when dealing with your own kids). So for me to label someone as “a bad person” requires getting over a high bar. Hitler-like. Manson-like. Something that you are never going to change.

    So perhaps if the question was reworded to say something like “is acting badly” or “is acting prejudiced” (there has to be a better way to say it) the results would be different.

  4. missing the forest by looking at just one tree (0 Replies)

    This excerpt doesn’t get to the basic premise of the book, which is that the Dems have increasing relied on people with the “right” degrees and job experiences (Ivy League, Wall Street) to be the “smart people” to come up with their policies and solutions, while neglecting the input of those on the ground who are directly affected by said policies.

    This is certainly the case with the neo-libs and education policy.

  5. and the rest is just noise (1 Reply)

    I see no reason to debate who was the original birther, Trump’s policy position on anything… If I’m talking to someone, I keep it simple: One candidate is qualified. One is not. Really, really “not”.

    If I’m in need of immediate life saving surgery and there are these two people to choose from to perform it, which do I choose? One is an experienced surgeon. I don’t get the “warm fuzzies” when talking to her and there have been a few blips in her medical career, but she’s a surgeon nonetheless.

    The other person has never set foot in medical school but claims to know more than doctors do. When he does talk about medical issues, he shows an alarming lack of understanding of even the basics and is quite condescending to those who disagree with his take.

    The choice is easy. There is absolutely no reason to even listen to the non-surgeon’s ideas for which technique to use for the surgery because it is clear that he has no idea how to go about the job at hand.

    Clinton is qualified for the job. Trump is not. Not much more to the story.

  6. more of population affected? (0 Replies)

    Just a guess here, but I think part of the reason NYC can get this done is that a larger percentage of the population uses rail every day. The first time I was near the Penn Station exit near 7th Ave and 33rd on a workday morning, I was just overwhelmed by the mass of humanity coming out onto the street from the subway and the commuter lines.

    I’d like to see what the actual numbers are.

  7. wondering... (0 Replies)

    … if a “BMG book club” would work. We’d pick a book to read (could debate that a bit, but the editors or someone they appoint would ultimately be responsible for the pick) and then start the conversation maybe a couple weeks afterward.

  8. the subject of Frank's latest book (1 Reply)

    This is the subject of Thomas Frank’s latest book, Listen Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?.

    From the Amazon description:

    A form of corporate and cultural elitism has largely eclipsed the party’s old working-class commitment, he finds. For certain favored groups, this has meant prosperity. But for the nation as a whole, it is a one-way ticket into the abyss of inequality.

  9. depends on the job (0 Replies)

    If my job required me to use physical force, including deadly force, against other people when, in my judgement, it was necessary to do so, sure, I’d wear the camera.

    Short of that, I’d need to evaluate it on a case by case basis.

  10. lack of "steering" (0 Replies)

    Another odd thing with this storm is the upper atmosphere setup that has trapped the storm to our south for multiple days. You’ll probably remember from previous storms of tropical origin that they usually are here and gone quickly, moving to the NE at double-digit MPH. But not this one.

    To see what’s going on, here are a couple of wind visualization images (these are “current” images, so if you are looking at these next week, you’ll not see what I’m seeing now).

    This one shows the surface winds. It is easy to see the counter-clockwise spin that is the remnants of Hermine to the south of Long Island.

    This one is the 250mb level (jet stream). You’ll note a clockwise spin in the upper atmosphere above Hermine. The jet stream that would normally push a storm away (the faster moving red and magenta) is ridged to the north with a high pressure (clockwise) circulation almost directly to Hermine’s north. So there is essentially nothing to “push” the storm away right now.

    I’m not a meteorologist (just a weather geek), so anyone who can explain this more accurately, please do so.

  11. ain't that the truth (0 Replies)

    I’m not sure what one would think seeing this movie for the first time right now. Would it be clear that Brooks was mocking the stereotypes?

    I remember when it was first shown on network TV and how much had to be edited / modified. It ruined the movie. Heck, they even overdubbed the audio from the campfire scene with horse neighing. I guess the general public had never heard a fart before.

    I loved Alex Karras as Mongo. For some reason, when he punched out the horse it had me on-the-floor laughing.

    Oh, and sorry about the “up your’s”… ;)

  12. streaming is the way to go (0 Replies)

    And NBC proper was too banal to broadcast it, fortunately I had the cable stations it was on.

    We did most of our Olympic TV watching via the NBC Sports app (mostly on an Apple TV). I’m doing the same thing for the US Open right now (Watch ESPN). It allows me to actually watch the sport / match I want to watch and not be at the whim of a producer who decides to switch to something else or show an interview that I don’t want to see.

    One does still need a cable / satellite subscription to access the content, but all of the additional content makes the cable bill much more palatable.

  13. even the third verse? (1 Reply)

    There is nothing racist about the lyrics of SSB

    Did you read the third verse and the column jconway linked to that discusses it?

  14. also not watching much football (1 Reply)

    It’s getting hard for me to watch NFL (from someone not above some fantasy football). Every time I watch it, I just think of CTE. Nor does it help that I just got a huge serving of rugby during the Olympics.

    I actually watched more English Premier League than NFL last year. Of course, those headers are an issue for the same reason. I did watch the Super Bowl, but that was more to hang out with the neighbors and have someone else make me margaritas.

    Have to admit the rugby was way too much fun to watch.

    Why does MTV have Video Music Awards if they don’t play music videos? It would be like NBC hosting the NFL player awards.

    Why did MTV have their awards at MSG the one evening of the year when I arrived at Penn Station? What a total friggin’ zoo.

    I need to have a Gene Wilder binge weekend.

  15. time for a new anthem (1 Reply)

    Do read the link at the very end of jconway’s comment. Key being a racist is one of many reason we need a new anthem. America the Beautiful?

    Lest anyone try to represent veterans as a single block, check out #veteransforkapernick.

    Finally, I attended two MLB games this year – one in Boston and one in Detroit – and noted that God Bless America was not sung at either (or I was in the men’s room ;) ).

  16. a preview, if it happens (0 Replies)

    From Shilling’s official blog.

    Quite a ranting post. Who does this sound like?

    I am in no way shape or form going to run with a list of do’s and do nots from a speech perspective. I speak and I say what I feel and what I know. I have no issues being wrong as long as someone smart helps me get it right.

  17. clarification (0 Replies)

    Dang “no edit” policy…

    “…but I’d argue that he (FDR) had more of an influence…”

  18. shades of gray (2 Replies)

    There is absolutely no need or justification for the relentless savaging of Bill Clinton that goes on and on here.

    I don’t understand “savaging”, but I also don’t understand demanding a kid glove treatment either. I think it is fair game to look at what was done in his administration both in the context of the times and how its effects last today. Heck, my childhood was as removed from FDR’s administrations as the kids today are from Clinton’s, but I’d argue that he had more of an influence on what my life was like growing up than any of the presidencies that I lived through.

    Like any other presidency, Clinton’s was a mixed bag. It’s OK for people to point out what they liked as well as what they didn’t, especially on a “reality based” blog.

  19. here is a recent news report (1 Reply)


    In 2014, Massachusetts lawmakers passed — and former Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick signed — an election reform law requiring early voting every two years for the November election. The early voting period this year begins Oct. 24 and ends Nov. 4. Election Day is Nov. 8.

    I agree that finding the fine print on the law isn’t easy, at least given what my search engine returned.

  20. Only November (1 Reply)

    Does early voting only apply to the November election?

    Yes. I believe it only covers the November election in even numbered years. Will re-find the reference I found a couple months ago when I had the same question…