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  1. Hell, GA? (1 Reply)

    There is a Hell, MI, but as far as Google Maps can tell me there is no Hell, GA.

  2. is the question misworded? (0 Replies)

    She doesn’t actually have to leave the Senate to run, only if she were to win, right?

  3. Trump in a nutshell (1 Reply)

    1) The man has no real convictions toward other people. If you are for him, you are “great” and “beautiful”. If you are against him, you are a “loser” and a lot of other things you’ve heard him say.

    2) If you are against him and appear to be a winner vs. him, he’ll go into attack mode, because he can’t stand to lose to someone who isn’t for him.

  4. Yeah I was gonna bring up the age thing... (1 Reply)

    … and add that, as someone once said in a debate, we’ll not hold your youth and inexperience against you. :)

  5. used to? (1 Reply)

    I thought I replied to this earlier, but the comment isn’t here.

    Anyway, what LWV doesn’t currently accept male members? My local one certainly does.

  6. from the Where Are They Now? file (2 Replies)

    Just a few years ago, this thread would not have gotten very far without the mention of the sitting governor, who had promised that he’d not resign during either elected term. But now that he isn’t governor and he’s, well… honestly, I don’t know what he’s doing, but since breaking his “I’ll serve out my term” promise is no longer an obstacle, why hasn’t he been mentioned?

    Is it an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of thing?

    Has he made it clear that he has no interest in politics anymore (when has that ever stopped speculation)?

    Just wondering.

  7. addition (1 Reply)

    Someone just passed this on to me. Hopefully the image embed works. It does in preview, but that isn’t always a predictor of success…

  8. early Joke Revue (1 Reply)

    Borowitz is already all over this.

    Cruz Hopes To Tap Into Immense Popularity of Carly Fiorina

    In choosing the former Hewlett-Packard C.E.O. Carly Fiorina as his running mate, Senator Ted Cruz hopes to tap into the immense popularity of one of the most beloved public figures in America.

    Minutes after the news of Cruz’s selection leaked, political insiders called the choice of the wildly adored Fiorina a game-changer for the Cruz campaign.

  9. this isn't a recent development (2 Replies)

    As I mentioned above, the split I observed was well underway long before Mr. Gingrich first started taking hostages and way before our current crop of tea party types. The Dems have essentially lost an entire generation due to lack of focus on working class issues.

  10. it's not about talk, it's about action (1 Reply)

    I grew up right in the middle of a segment of this demographic. My Dad had five siblings, all male. In the early 60s, they were all reliably Dem voters because of labor issues. By the 80s, some were Reagan worshipers while others were still on the Dem side (my Dad was one of those to never go to the dark side ;) ). It came down to two things: Racism and a sense of not having the opportunities to get ahead that they had in the 50s and 60s.

    All but two are gone now, and I don’t think either of those uncles would be “reachable” anymore. However, I think people like some of my late uncles are – but not by some “outreach” effort. They need more than the usual rhetoric. They need to see results.

  11. respect or dismay? (1 Reply)

    I just have to pipe in here to note EB3′s continued skill to lob the troll bait at BMG and everyone’s gobbling it up. I can’t blame EB3 at this point – I actually respect the skill s/he employs in creating a shit storm every time.

  12. follow the money (0 Replies)

    In a way, I agree with both of you. The media (including the Globe) helped create the Trump sensation, with the bottom line being the reason moreso than any ideology or intent to push voters in any way. Trump has drawn eyeballs. Eyeballs mean money.

  13. not having issues w/ FF on Mac (0 Replies)

    Maybe it has to do with ads vs. no ads? I’m seeing zero problems with FF.

  14. I agree with Bob (0 Replies)

    Once Sanders drops out or Clinton tops the necessary delegate number, the Dems get no media coverage, especially if the R circus continues along its current path.

    It might save some money and allow for taking a deep breath (I’d appreciate that if I were working on the campaign), but there would be little to no press until the convention.

  15. SNL link (0 Replies)

    Worth watching.

    The Romney character’s best line: “We in the GOP, the party of the great Ronald Reagan, WE do not say racist and sexist things. We imply them! Subtly over decades and decades of policy.”

    Leave it to the comedians to put the truth out. Missing Jon Stewart…

  16. I DO know that (0 Replies)

    It was the “single handedly” nature of his statement that was causing the head shakes.

    I do agree on the format: The targeting of specific questions to specific candidates may make for better entertainment (which is why they do it, I’m sure) but doesn’t do much for evaluation.

  17. Kasich (1 Reply)

    I thought that Kasich had worked things pretty well his first turn to talk, drawing a stark comparison with the antics of the others. But then on his second at-bat, all of a sudden he’s personally responsible for the balanced budget and economy of the 90s? Huh?

    Never thought any collection of “candidates” could make Mitt look so good.

  18. Thought it was rich... (0 Replies)

    … Romney criticizing Clinton for supposedly abandoning core principals or Trump for changing positions. Did someone look over this speech first?

  19. just one question (1 Reply)

    Where’s the Blimp??

    I miss it.