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  1. this sums it up well (0 Replies)

    We don’t need to reinvent the wheel-we just gotta do a better job of being ourselves.

  2. he's setting himself up (0 Replies)

    The goal is to get enough people to not know who to believe. His little lies now are nothing compared to what he’ll try when a real crisis occurs. That’s when the shit will hit the fan.

  3. he lost even though he was on the MA ballot (1 Reply)

    So I assume he’d also have lost if he hadn’t been on the ballot.

  4. but.... (1 Reply)

    No change in election result.

  5. more likely... (0 Replies)

    … he’d bring up this whole “I lost NH because of buses of voters from MA” deal. “You guys know what I’m talking about, right?” he’d assert.

  6. unfortunately... (1 Reply)

    As far as I know (and someone correct me if I’m wrong), the official Nielsen ratings are only collected from Nielsen households. While your own provider might be track of what you watch / DVR, I’m pretty sure that’s their own data and doesn’t go into the Nielsen numbers – unless that’s changed recently.

    Certainly, tuning an OTA TV to a show doesn’t get counted.

  7. problem is... (0 Replies)

    … you gotta call it and do something about it before that happens.

  8. Charles Pierce on Twitter (0 Replies)

    “Please state your name”
    “Neil Gorsuch?”
    “It’s not Merrick Garland?”
    “Mr. Chairman, I yield back.”

  9. self-care (0 Replies)

    They are counting on your being discombobulated by the pace of unexpected events, and they are counting on your getting exhausted and losing energy. (“Sure, they’re protesting and calling their Senators now, but give it six months and it’ll die down.”) Pace yourself, and keep your eye on the long game as well as the immediate crisis.

    Along these lines, do your best to take care of yourself. A bunch of sick zombies are less effective than healthy people with clear minds. Get enough sleep. Don’t give in to the temptation to overuse alcohol or other substances (especially if you are sober due to addiction). Eat normally. Regularly spend some time totally ignoring the news and doing something you love. Spend time with loved ones. Hugs – lots of hugs.

  10. not so nerdy (0 Replies)

    If there is any science most New Englanders should understand these days, it’s the Ideal Gas Law.

  11. not a good date this year (1 Reply)

    I don’t think the people pushing this idea took a good look at their calendars. That’s Easter weekend. Participation will likely be dampened as a result. Lots of families have other plans.

  12. recommendation (0 Replies)

    Read / follow Sarah Kendzior. She’s been right about just about everything so far.

  13. missing at least one important point (1 Reply)

    And it has to do with the written constitution.

    I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

    - John Lewis

    He’s seen intel that the rest of us have not.

  14. seems that the time is ripe... (0 Replies)

    … for one (last?) appearance of The Blimp. Editors?

  15. done (0 Replies)

    Thanks for getting this out.

  16. just keep in mind... (0 Replies)

    … that once you send any form of electronic message, you’ve then lost the control over where it goes. It’s as simple as that.

  17. but realistic (1 Reply)

    They should be considered private communication subject only to duly executed warrants, just like phone calls or letters.

    We’re talking email, right?

    I’ve had email accounts for over 30 years. I’ve probably seen almost every sort of “breach” possible, both accidental and on purpose, both by the person originally sending the message and the people receiving it. Messages sent to the wrong account (including some lovely messages from someone who for some reason had my address auto-complete when he was trying to email his daughter). People hitting “reply all” for something meant just for the message author on a list. People forwarding private correspondence onto mailing lists or to other parties. It just happens, and anything you or I write could end up in a very public place – without any malicious hacking or any government entities getting involved.

    Sometimes the result is just embarrassment. I’ve also seen it almost end careers. And one time the Secret Service got involved.

    If there is anything I want to say to someone that I don’t want to have to explain publicly later, I do in a way such that there is no paper, recorded, or electronic trail.

    And I’m not nearly as careful as some people.