I've been blogging at BMG since 2006 and am a seasoned progressive canvasser, communicator and field organizer. I'm a Cambridge native living in Chicago. I can be reached at jpconway88@gmail.com, on twitter or facebook.

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Democrats to Watch: Tom Perriello

John Podesta and jconway both like this guy. Anybody else? - promoted by hesterprynne

Time to ban Confederate imagery?

Fight Extremism by Creating Jobs

It's not just work. We shouldn't dismiss the power of sheer tribalism, propaganda, and spite, for their own sakes. But a good discussion. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Remember our Forgotten War

What We’re Fighting For

Thinking Beyond Resistance

I'm not sure whether the goal should be "converts" or, rather, energizing non-voters who are basically with us already. My instinct - and that's all it is at this point - is that an energized, organized resistance will help drive a respectable number of people to the polls who didn't show up in 2016. Enough? Dunno. But the presidency was decided by a hair. Congressional elections are a bigger question, IMHO. - promoted by david

Think like a Republican, Vote like a Democrat

Trump’s Bizarre Immunity to Scrutiny

Voter Cognitive Dissonance on Obamacare and How to Fix It

“Keep it Simple, and Take Credit”-A Primer for Progressives