I've been blogging at BMG since 2006 and am a seasoned progressive canvasser, communicator and field organizer. I'm a Cambridge native living in Chicago. I can be reached at jpconway88@gmail.com, on twitter or facebook.

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What We’re Fighting For

Thinking Beyond Resistance

I'm not sure whether the goal should be "converts" or, rather, energizing non-voters who are basically with us already. My instinct - and that's all it is at this point - is that an energized, organized resistance will help drive a respectable number of people to the polls who didn't show up in 2016. Enough? Dunno. But the presidency was decided by a hair. Congressional elections are a bigger question, IMHO. - promoted by david

Think like a Republican, Vote like a Democrat

Trump’s Bizarre Immunity to Scrutiny

Voter Cognitive Dissonance on Obamacare and How to Fix It

“Keep it Simple, and Take Credit”-A Primer for Progressives

Pats win!!!!

Newt Gingrich is Right

Politics is about People

The Kid on the Bus