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How the MA House Delegation Voted on Arming Syrian Rebels

Take note. - promoted by david

Local Catholic Leaders come out swinging for repeal

Good news for the Yes On 3 crowd. - promoted by david

Predictions Open Thread

Fisher upsets Baker. - promoted by Bob_Neer

First local business in Springfield destroyed by casinos

Gov. Patrick Endorses Tolman for AG

A three-pointer for Tolman. - promoted by Bob_Neer

My Fellow Boston Irish: Let’s not get outclassed by some New Yorkers

Globe Endorses Moulton

Won't it be interesting to see, if Tierney wins (which he very likely will), whether the Globe backs Richard Tisei in the general. I've already predicted that the Globe will back Charlie Baker in the likely event that Martha Coakley wins the primary. - promoted by david

Lowell Sun Endorses Michael Sullivan for DA!

RIP to a Progressive Republican

Senator Jeffords was one of the last of a nearly extinct breed: the principled moderate Republican. RIP. - promoted by david

Legalize Pot and Ban Casinos

A provocative proposal. - promoted by david