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Should Dems Partner with “economic nationalist” for single payer?

I’ll be first to play the Warren dominoes game…

Trump MA campaign stumbling into caucus showdown

Pogo is unimpressed with the Trump campaign's organization for the delegate caucus coming up on Saturday and has some evidence in support. Meanwhile, on Politico, Trump's Massachusetts co-chair and state Representative Geoff Diehl offers this determined if somewhat confusing message about the caucus results: "Until that ball is in the end zone, we’re not stepping our foot off the gas." - promoted by hesterprynne

Pitched Battle for MA GOP Convention Delegates in Anti-Trump Effort

This year, understanding the inside baseball is exceptionally important. - promoted by david

Massachusetts Unions Endorse Donald Trump

Demonstrating a continuing political realignment playing out before our eyes. However, as astute commenter dave-from-hvad notes in the comments, "As the post itself notes, only the New England police union is endorsing Trump. There are a lot of other unions in the state, and I haven’t heard that any of them are supporting Trump yet. As the post also correctly notes, the police union does not share the political views of most other unions. ..." Read on for pogo's reply ... - promoted by Bob_Neer

Video-Trump tried to ban MA NARAL’s speech on public land Friday night.

MA State Police Wins National Award For…

Seth Moulton: All Patriot, No Act

I would love to know how many serious candidates for Congress have a record of military commendations like Moulton's and have not made it part of their campaign. The number must be vanishingly small. - promoted by david

MA 6th CD race upgrade favors Dems

Of interest. Also note that Moulton's spokesman, long-time BMGer Scott Ferson, chimes in in the comments. - promoted by david

US Drone Surveillance Used in Quincy MA?!?!