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The rejections

Great post. Of course, the effort to build a new progressive party in Massachusetts within the existing Democratic Party, and to replace it in all but name, has not made much progress in, for example, the 12 years of BMG's existence. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Where do they stand? A BMG project proposed

My eyes stung 12 years ago

I hear you! I worked for Dean, then Kerry after he was nominated, and dragged David into that effort from which, like a phoenix, BMG was created (after the monstrosity Bush II was elected), with Charley and everyone else. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Ginsburg gets (too?) real


The scourge of paid signature gatherers

An interesting discussion of the role of money in the initiative petition process -- it sent me back to the law books. (Typo in title, referred to in comments, has been corrected.) - promoted by hesterprynne

Voting Sanders for the fight that matters

Part of the BMG Super Tuesday Endorsement Blowout - promoted by david

I don’t want a “pro-business” judge.

O’Malley the Kingmaker

Game theory enthusiasts, have at it! - promoted by david

Does the presidency matter?

That's what some people asked about the choice between Al Gore and George W. Bush. I submit that it can make a very big difference indeed. For example, I think if McCain had won the Great Recession would have continued throughout his term, just as the Depression did under Republican Herbert Hoover. - promoted by Bob_Neer