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Where do they stand? A BMG project proposed

My eyes stung 12 years ago

I hear you! I worked for Dean, then Kerry after he was nominated, and dragged David into that effort from which, like a phoenix, BMG was created (after the monstrosity Bush II was elected), with Charley and everyone else. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Ginsburg gets (too?) real


The scourge of paid signature gatherers

An interesting discussion of the role of money in the initiative petition process -- it sent me back to the law books. (Typo in title, referred to in comments, has been corrected.) - promoted by hesterprynne

Voting Sanders for the fight that matters

Part of the BMG Super Tuesday Endorsement Blowout - promoted by david

I don’t want a “pro-business” judge.

O’Malley the Kingmaker

Game theory enthusiasts, have at it! - promoted by david

Does the presidency matter?

That's what some people asked about the choice between Al Gore and George W. Bush. I submit that it can make a very big difference indeed. For example, I think if McCain had won the Great Recession would have continued throughout his term, just as the Depression did under Republican Herbert Hoover. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Comedy LIVE! Liveblogging tonight’s RNC debate

Donald Trump (peace be upon him). Great write-up! - promoted by Bob_Neer