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MARCH BMG Stammtisch

Wednesday's event was a great success! Thanks again to Tom for the idea. Looking forward to seeing you March 2. - promoted by david

What if …

Ah, speculation! One of our favorite pastimes. - promoted by david

BMG Stammtisch

Bumped - this is tonight! Charley and I will be there. Also, the pseudonymous trickle-up is the winner of the Iowa prediction contest, so I will happily buy him/her a beverage of choice, should he/she care to reveal his/her identity... - promoted by david

Dial for religious freedom

Democratic Debate: Technology GARBAGE

Another GOP food-fight

Elizabeth Warren on Syria and Syrian refugees

As night follows day

Marco Rubio shames America

What a monstrous thing to say. Rubio is getting cute by first lumping together all Muslims, and then saying "Oh no, not all Muslims." First the racist dog whistle, then back off. That being said, listen to the clip, and he's not saying that much that's different from the current policy: "The only way to defeat ISIS is for Sunnis themselves to take up the bulkhead [sic] of the fight". Frankly he says it more clearly than Hillary. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

The second Democratic debate — open thread

What did you see? - promoted by charley-on-the-mta