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An icon passes: Leonard Nimoy has died at 83

Bridging the transit gap

WBUR had a useful recent report on this general subject: "In a board meeting this week, state Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack indirectly answered that question when she said, 'If Warren Buffett showed up and wrote us a $2 billion check, we still would not have any new cars for several years.'" - promoted by Bob_Neer

Breaking news: MBTA admits the TRUTH!

MBTA not running trains tomorrow -- commuter or subway. Insane. I'll have more on this later tonight. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Massachusetts government imposes billions in unexpected taxes

More professional sports nonsense

Supporting Massachusetts fishermen

The passing of a spiritual giant

Timely infrastructure crisis

These are good questions. - promoted by david

Another Coakley lie

Just when you thought the Globe couldn’t get any worse