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Increasing efficiency and decreasing waste in state government

Pretty good idea, and particularly salient in light of today's Globe's story on how there isn't enough parking at MBTA stations. - promoted by david

The real reason for Mr. Netanyahu’s visit

Reinventing government’s role in commuter rail

Automobiles are probably the most heavily government subsidized transportation in the history of mankind, and automobile companies arguably the greatest moochers (or "takers," choose your buzzword), in history because the state pays for their largest operating cost: the roads. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Treason, stupidity, or both?

In which the value of BMG as a platform for fulmination is demonstrated. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Pay now or pay later: the choice is ours

An icon passes: Leonard Nimoy has died at 83

Bridging the transit gap

WBUR had a useful recent report on this general subject: "In a board meeting this week, state Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack indirectly answered that question when she said, 'If Warren Buffett showed up and wrote us a $2 billion check, we still would not have any new cars for several years.'" - promoted by Bob_Neer

Breaking news: MBTA admits the TRUTH!

MBTA not running trains tomorrow -- commuter or subway. Insane. I'll have more on this later tonight. - promoted by charley-on-the-mta

Massachusetts government imposes billions in unexpected taxes

More professional sports nonsense