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Steven Brion-Meisels, peacemaker, has passed away

Sick of the Red Sox

Get used to it (updated)

Since the existing model is performing so inadequately it seems unlikely that increasing funding through higher taxes or additional government support will produce sufficiently comprehensive reform. - promoted by Bob_Neer

How many more children must die?

The NRA is responsible for this and other gun tragedies: their policies promote mayhem to serve gun industry profits. - promoted by Bob_Neer

End of an era

The Globe's new owner, John Henry, would be well advised to study the successful model of engagement that we have cultivated here at BMG for the past nine years. We generally don't delete comments with which we disagree; certainly, what Tom describes would be well within our rules. We are available to meet over coffee at Mr. Henry's convenience to discuss the fine points. :) - promoted by david

Goal or excuse?

Racism, cronyism, or sexism?

I had the same thoughts as Tom this morning as I read the news of McLaughlin's sentence. Also worth remembering: Chuck Turner went to prison for three years over $1,000 at the hands of the same judge. - promoted by david

Sasha Grey pitches the NSA (“No Strings Attached”)

The other shoe drops: the political assassination of Tim Murray explained

Question for Mr. Markey and Mr. Gomez: Where do you stand on NSA data gathering?