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GOP Wrestlemania — today’s episode

May BMG Stammtisch — tomorrow!

May BMG Stammtisch

Belated April Fools BMG Stammtisch

Regrettably, I have to miss this one, but trust that a splendid time will be had by all! - promoted by david

BMG Stammtisch

Bottoms up! - promoted by Bob_Neer

“Super Wednesday” BMG Stammtisch

TONIGHT!! Hope to see you there! What shall we talk about? - promoted by david

MARCH BMG Stammtisch

Wednesday's event was a great success! Thanks again to Tom for the idea. Looking forward to seeing you March 2. - promoted by david

What if …

Ah, speculation! One of our favorite pastimes. - promoted by david

BMG Stammtisch

Bumped - this is tonight! Charley and I will be there. Also, the pseudonymous trickle-up is the winner of the Iowa prediction contest, so I will happily buy him/her a beverage of choice, should he/she care to reveal his/her identity... - promoted by david

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