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South shore living room tour continues in November.

Steve Grossman and Don Berwick came to speak with south shore activist in Marshfield in October, and now Juliette Kayyem, Martha Coakley, and Joe Avellone want their turn to talk with you about the issues facing the Commonwealth and theirs plans to tackle them. Juliette Kayyem House Party Martha Coakley House Party Joe Avellone House Party November 03, 2013 at 6pm 1015 S River St Marshfield , MA RSVP November 09, 2013 at 2pm 1030 S River St Marshfield , MA RSVP November 30, 2013 at 6pm 72 Old Main St Marshfield Hills, , MA RSVP

If you feel bad about the flipped car last night…

The Boston Globe is reporting that someone has started a fund to help the guy out. Details are in the Boston Globe story. Since I am, for all practical purposes, a H8r of the Red Sox, I will not be enabling this level of senseless destruction. I hope it rains on Saturday.

The “shortfalls” of Obamacare

For all the talk of covering pre-existing conditions, physicals, all manner of procedures, etc., it turns out Obamacare is not as comprehensive as we have been led to believe.  Buzzfeed has compiled a list of nine things that will leave you high and dry thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Happy Halloween!

Shocker! Globe endorses Connolly – also reveals that Walsh is a tool of the “establishment”

In what is perhaps the least surprising endorsement in years, the Boston Globe endorsed John Connolly for Mayor today.  This was so pre-ordained that it would hardly be worth mentioning, but for some of what the Globe had to say. Right from the outset, you see where it’s going.  You’d think that the start of the piece would say something positive about Connolly, or even something negative about Walsh.  Nope.  It says that, basically, you’re probably an idiot because you don’t understand the race like we do. There are some misleading narratives about Boston’s first open mayoral election in decades. Seriously – that’s the first line.  The obvious implication is that if you like Marty Walsh, it’s because you’re a rube.  You’ve been taken in by him and his crafty union buddies, or something.  Next comes this: their priorities, loyalties, and leadership approaches couldn’t differ more. Well, that’s silly.  Of course they could “differ more.”  As many observers – including several who write for the Globe – have noted, the “priorities” of the two candidates are in fact pretty similar.  For candidates that “couldn’t differ more” on stuff that matters, you’d have to look at, say, the election for Mayor […]

What about the LGBT vote?

Apart from a Friday afternoon press conference with Beacon Hill insiders, Walsh hasn’t emphasized LGBT issues. It’s not as though homophobia has gone away. Indeed, Walsh’s premier contribution to LGBT equality in supporting same-sex marriage looms larger because he is believd to have defied the not insubstantial number of homophobes in his district in taking that stance. LGBT folks still are targeted in hate crimes, yet Walsh’s platform mentions no unique public safety concerns for this community (outside public schools. He blew off the questionnaire of the Anti-Violence Project of MA focused specifically on LGBT public safety issues. Most activists I know are siding with Connolly, who got the 2 LGBT newspaper endorsements.

Game 6 Red Sox VS Cardinals open thread

Will the Z-Z Top looking Red Sox win their first World Series in Boston since 1918? Are the Cardinals frustrated for having to sit hours on a runway in St. Louis after dropping the last 2 games? I say Sox win in a blowout, the stars are aligned properly and the Big Mo is with the Home Team.

UMass/Amherst Poll Shows Walsh with a Seven-Point Lead

From the University of Massachusetts polling site: The results of a new UMass Poll released today by the University of Massachusetts Amherst shows state Rep. Martin J. Walsh with a seven-point lead over Boston City Councilor at Large John R. Connolly among registered Boston voters in advance of the Boston mayoral election on Nov. 5. The UMass Poll confirms that voter support has swung from Connolly to Walsh in the final days of the campaign. With leaners included, likely voters prefer Walsh over Connolly 47 percent to 40 percent, a lead that is outside the 5.9 percent margin of error for the poll. With less than a week to go in the campaign, 13 percent of likely voters remain undecided. “No matter how you define ‘likely voters,’ our poll shows that Walsh has capitalized on a couple of strong weeks of campaigning to vault out in front as the clear leader in this race,” said Brian Schaffner, chair of the political science department at UMass Amherst and director of the UMass Poll. The telephone poll conducted Oct. 22–26 included interviews with 600 registered voters sampled from a list of registered voters in the city of Boston. The sample included both […]

New poll: Marty Walsh up 7!?

Well, the polling is just all over the place in this race.  In the last couple of days, both campaigns have made public their internal polling, and both have said that the race is deadlocked.  That’s consistent with a WBUR/MassINC poll taken Oct. 19-20 showing Connolly up 2.  But it’s not consistent with the Globe’s poll, taken Oct. 17-22, that showed Connolly up 8.  Nor is it consistent with a poll by UMass-Amherst, taken Oct. 22-26 and released today, showing Marty Walsh up 7.  So, if you believe both the Globe and UMass, the race has swung to Walsh by 15 points in five days.  That seems … unlikely. There’s no way all of these polls are right, but it’s hard to hazard a guess as to who’s nailing it and who’s the outlier.  If you think you know, though, do chime in on the prediction thread. I’ve already endorsed Walsh (though I can’t vote for him).  And I think he’s going to win, mostly because I think that, in general, his supporters are more likely to actually show up on election day than are Connolly’s.  He outperformed the polls in the preliminary; I don’t see why he shouldn’t do […]

Unanswered questions….

Some personal thoughts and questions that remained unanswered. After reading Tuesday’s Boston Globe story, a Blue Mass Group post came to mind. There are some unanswered questions… Candidate Connolly has two bios. The first speaks to the Councillor’s experience “representing an investor syndicate in a leveraged buy-out of a large, privately held publishing company.” Then there’s the “official” bio without the aforementioned information. The company in question is DirectoryM, which is listed on the Schofield Campbell and Connolly list of clients. DirectoryM is now known as Nsphere, which not only laid off 20 of its workers in the wake of the buyout (see here and here), but also later opened up offices in China, India, and potentially Nicaragua (see here and here). Specific experience “representing an investor syndicate in a leveraged buy-out of a large, privately held publishing company” is noted, yet hasn’t come up (to my knowledge), and is no longer identified within a current bio. That, in turn, leads me to wonder about appears to be missing in exploring this closer. Job creation? An attorney, based upon the information, is responsible for representing a company that fired people in Boston with jobs that were perhaps outsourced overseas? My […]

Boston Election Predictions

With apologies to Bernstein who did something like this in the prelim and will surely do it again for the general, it seems worthwhile to do our own BMG prediction game. Nothing but pride at stake. Cast your vote, and we’ll declare the guru of all gurus in Boston politics. Walsh vs. Connolly winner, with margin (%) of victory Total Boston turnout Order of finish for At-Large top 4 Winner of the vaunted at-large #5 slot (who may end up in office before 2015) Winner of D2 District race: Suzanne Lee v. Bill Linehan, with margin of victory Winner of D5 Tim McCarthy v. Jean-Claude Sanon, with margin of victory Winner of D8 District race: Mike Nichols v. Josh Zakim, with margin of victory Results of East Boston Casino Vote Extra credit if you can predict right here and now who the next President of the Boston City Council will be in January. Extra special bonus if you can predict who Michelle Wu votes for on the first ballot. (Propose some good additions to the contest and I’ll add them. Excluded 6 through 8 at large city council because it is basically irrelevant, and I left off incumbent district challenges that seem […]