Democratic Party liberals have been concerned not with an egalitarian reckoning to unite the have-nots against the haves but with inclusion: bringing different “interest groups” into the professional class while managing everyone else’s expectations downward. --Jacobin

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The State of My Town Is the State of the Commonwealth

Granby is the microcosm, Massachusetts the macrocosm. - promoted by hesterprynne

Deadbeat Donald, or The Emperor’s New Clothes

NOTE: Counting Delegates Honestly, Clinton Won

Clinton went +5 (6-1) in the Virgin Islands, and +12 (36-24) in Puerto Rico, over the weekend. She will almost certainly net a majority of pledged delegates on Tuesday. If she does, what's Sanders' argument? That the supers should back him instead, and undo the will of the voters, because he's polling better than her against Trump in some polls? That would be, frankly, crazy. - promoted by david

The Kids Are All Right (I Mean Left)

Thesis: Sanders is by far the biggest change agent in this election cycle. Discuss. - promoted by hesterprynne

Close to Zero: Polling, Predictability and Late Primary Politics

Is the Democratic primary race in California not as close as polls are making it appear? - promoted by hesterprynne

Party Unity Should Start Now

A very worthy discussion. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Is the Democratic Primary About to Go All Area 51? Conspiracy Theories Contaminate an Already Flawed Electoral Process

Never Been a Savior: Movements, Parties, and Prophets

In which it is argued that no one person, no matter how charismatically grumpy, can transform the Democratic party. - promoted by hesterprynne

Breaking Godwin’s Law: Donald Trump and Authoritarianism

The Price of Forgiveness: Troubling Bipartisan Support for Corporate Give Away

Indeed. A sorry commentary. - promoted by david