"When the top 10 percent gets 100 percent of the income growth over the course of a generation, then the America of opportunity is vanishing." --Elizabeth Warren

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But Seriously Folks… Which Candidate Do You Want With You in a Bar Fight?

The Murder of Tamir Rice Was Justified

We Did It! Marriage Equality Came From Massachusetts

It’s Time to Call It as We See It: The Right’s Rhetoric and Terrorism

Baker’s Dozen: What Charlie Doesn’t Understand About Charter Schools

Baker understands that he can get money from organizations and individuals who benefit from expanding charter schools. That's all he really needs to know. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Fox News Contributor Arrested for Lying?

Make ‘Em Do It: Millionaires Tax

This is a good idea, and also politically a smart way to undo our mythical flat tax requirement. Sign the petition, if you can. - promoted by david

Black Lives Matter Was Right

Agree? Disagree? - promoted by david

Massachusetts Raises Money for Abortion Foes?

The Clinton Campaign Illustrates the Media’s Crisis

Is this "The Media's" problem? Or just the NYT with a bad habit of churning out overcooked innuendo against the Clintons for 23 years now? If you're paying for the NYT -- or for any premium/paywall media outlet these days, including the Globe -- you are paying precisely for editorial judgment. That's their brand. Their reputation is worth money. It should be guarded closely. And if they don't recognize there's a problem, well ... - promoted by charley-on-the-mta