Democratic Party liberals have been concerned not with an egalitarian reckoning to unite the have-nots against the haves but with inclusion: bringing different “interest groups” into the professional class while managing everyone else’s expectations downward. --Jacobin

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Party Unity Should Start Now

A very worthy discussion. - promoted by Bob_Neer

Is the Democratic Primary About to Go All Area 51? Conspiracy Theories Contaminate an Already Flawed Electoral Process

Never Been a Savior: Movements, Parties, and Prophets

In which it is argued that no one person, no matter how charismatically grumpy, can transform the Democratic party. - promoted by hesterprynne

Breaking Godwin’s Law: Donald Trump and Authoritarianism

The Price of Forgiveness: Troubling Bipartisan Support for Corporate Give Away

Indeed. A sorry commentary. - promoted by david

Win or Lose: The Meaning of Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

A Hillary supporter offers five reasons why Bernie's out front - promoted by hesterprynne

I’m Glad I’m Not in Dixie: Polling and Education in the South

Srinivasan: SCOTUS Bomb for the Lap of the GOP

Srinivasan (a fellow Justice O'Connor clerk, I'm proud to say) certainly seems to be the odds-on favorite at the moment. But, as we know, the favorite doesn't always win the race. - promoted by david

But Seriously Folks… Which Candidate Do You Want With You in a Bar Fight?

The Murder of Tamir Rice Was Justified