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Flynn May Already Be Cooperating With Investigators

Dies Irae: The Judgment of Donald Trump Begins

As Mark notes, Congressional hearings into the Russia connection start this morning -- a fact (predictably) deplored in today's POTUS tweetstorm. - promoted by hesterprynne

Dirty Laundry: Trump and the Russians

Donald Trump’s Big League Russian Circus

White House to FBI: Shoot Down Reports of Trump-Russia Connection, Please

Trump’s Personal Attorney Delivers “Peace for No Sanctions” Proposal

More from Boris and Natasha? - promoted by hesterprynne

Tip of the Iceberg: Michael Flynn Is Only a Piece of the Russia-Trump Connection

Tinker Tailor Soldier Trump: Oil, Espionage, and the Russian Dossier

Is Anybody Out There?

The Butterfly Effect: Trump’s Election, Randomness, and Lessons Learned

Events with momentous consequences don't necessarily have momentous causes - promoted by hesterprynne