Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue.

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America’s Newest Racket, or Why Is the FBI Knocking Down Charter School Doors?

SMACKDOWN: Gov. Patrick Forecloses on Senate Bill 1987

First TV Ad: First Hamp Senator District

The battle of the airwaves reaches the state legislature... - promoted by david

Support Eric Lesser for State Senate

A long-time BMGer offers his endorsement. - promoted by david

Gay and Straight and Irish Together: Holyoke’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade Puts Southie’s to Shame

Small Business Supports Minimum Wage Increase, Poll Says

Hitting the Fan: Climate Change, Food Shortages, and Political Unrest

The Ferris Wheel: Education Policy and Educating Our Politicians

The UAW Wants Your Guns and Other Lessons from the Volkswagen Unionizing Vote

The extent and scale of right-wing nut jobbery in this incident was truly startling - and, considering the recent track record of the GOP, that is saying quite a lot. - promoted by david

Plantation Blues: The GOP in Tennessee