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Scott Walker from “David Koch”: punked phone call – smells real

(Bumped, for glory. It is really impressive how the folks behind the current campaign against public-sector unions have managed to suddenly create this as an issue nationwide. Why now, and not six months ago, or two years ago, I wonder? -Bob

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Boston child receives life-saving organs donated by Christina Green

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Cape Cod Times endorses Bill Keating for Congress

The yuk factor – Jeff Perry’s new ad

Did anyone else call Sen. Brown’s office today?

Whoa!! Look who’s talkin’ bout propaganda in politics!!!

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P-Town needs votes to become National Trust for Historic Preservation fave

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Stinky The Clown at DU has a suggestion re corporate personhood

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Billionaires for Brown attacked at rally – Supporters bite hand that feeds them.

Why can’t stimulus funds or loans save this project?