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ICYMI: Hillary’s excellent climate video

Passing gas, no matter what

F’d? Or “stupendously exciting”? Our choice.

Quick hits

Comment of the day: Baker vs. solar; future of SRECs

Pacheco law: Collateral damage of the T-pocalypse

Does the Baker administration want to kill solar?

Our investment in not giving a damn

Comment of the day: A history lesson on AIM and energy

BEEF! Globe vs. Commonwealth

Bumped, because this is actually the best thing that's been said on this little intramural dust-up. Also noteworthy is that the Globe - presumably with Brian McGrory's approval - foolishly chose to put Leung's lousy column on the front page, thereby heightening the attention drawn to how lousy it actually was. Finally, there were a number of letters to the editor regarding Leung's column, most of which were spot-on. - promoted by david